Your Complete Guide To Betting On The NFL Draft in Indiana

Posted on April 21, 2020 - Last Updated on May 25, 2020

The 2020 NFL Draft is almost here, and it’s expected to be wildly popular for sports gambling.

That comes as no surprise since the draft is the only big betting event going on right now. COVID-19 took basically everything else off the board.

This year’s draft will be the first one that the NFL has ever done remotely. Despite the format changes, the event is still taking place from April 23-25.

Indiana’s online sportsbooks are pumping out new specials to make the most of the first NFL Draft since legal sports betting started in the Hoosier State. That includes new options to the sportsbook side of things, in addition to daily fantasy games.

DraftKings Sportsbook will boost your winnings

Indiana’s most popular online sportsbook has been adding to its available NFL Draft prop-betting list for a while now.

However, now its stepping things up another gear by offering a profit boost on draft bets. That offer will boost your profits on up to two draft wagers by 20%, which can help turn a big win into a huge one.

Although there’s a $25 max bet for the offer, the boosted winnings can tally up to $250.

That makes this promotion particularly great for those that can find a tougher bet or parlay that they’re confident in.

For example, if you bet $25 on Tua Tagovailoa to fall to the Jacksonville Jaguars at +500 and won, you would end up winning $180 with the boost rather than the $150 you would typically earn.

Bets like that with tougher odds, or even a parlay with some safer options strung together, would help make the most of the winnings boost.

The other major upside for the offer is that it’s available for both new users and existing customers. Sportsbooks often have better promotions for newcomers to try and get them started on the right foot. DraftKings opening the winnings boost up for its existing customers will let everyone get in on the action.

Burrow bettors can win big by signing up for FanDuel

Contrary to DraftKings, FanDuel has been focusing on new users with its NFL Draft promotions.

The sportsbook is offering a $500 risk-free bet for new customers signing up for the first time. If your first bet doesn’t end up as a winner, FanDuel will refund you with up to $500 of in-site credit.

However, the best value from FanDuel’s unique promotions comes from betting on former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow.

At most sportsbooks, betting on Joe Burrow to be the first overall pick isn’t really worth the effort. He’s the overwhelming favorite, and even FanDuel has him at -7,000 to join the Cincinnati Bengals.

FanDuel’s other new-user promotion flips that on its head. The sportsbook is letting new customers bet on Burrow to be the first overall pick at +200 odds.

Considering that Burrow is all but a mortal lock for that pick, it’s essentially free money. Given the situation, throwing a $25 bet on Burrow is almost guaranteed to earn you the $75 payout you’d receive at +200 odds.

However, the promotion has a $25 max bet, so don’t be expecting to make a fortune here.

It may not be available for existing customers, but the promotion is great for bettors looking to give FanDuel a try.

Daily fantasy options at DraftKings and FanDuel

In addition to their new sportsbook promotions for the NFL Draft, DraftKings and FanDuel have some new free to play contests as well. Those promos run through the daily fantasy sites for both companies.

DraftKings is promoting its Free to Play NFL Draft Pool, which gives fans a chance to win a share of $15,000.

Players have to answer a series of questions about the draft and try to make the correct picks.

For example, some of the questions include things like the number of wide receivers that will be selected in the first round and whether or not any of the top five picks will be traded. There are 13 questions total, and players have to submit their answers prior to the start of the draft.

FanDuel is also getting in on the action with its daily fantasy site. FanDuel’s $10,000 Predict The Draft Fuel The Frontline contest is free to play and gives NFL fans another way to have some fun with the event.

The contest has users predict the first 10 players drafted in order and without a salary cap. For every correct pick, you win two points, and you’ll score half a point if one of your players is picked within one spot of your prediction.

In addition to the Fuel The Frontline contest, FanDuel is also offering a $10,000 Draft Challenge Free Play.

The contest tasks fans with building the ultimate team of players based on draft position. Fans will earn points based on where the members of their team are selected.

However, players will have to be careful when selecting their teams since there’s a salary cap involved.

Daily fantasy games are great for those that want to get in on the draft fun without getting too much skin in the game.

Tua Tagovailoa is a divisive ticket for PointsBet

Indiana’s newest online sportsbook is open for business and ready for the NFL Draft.

Much like the rest of the state’s sportsbooks, PointsBet has a slew of betting options available for the event.

A lot of the wagers coming in at PointsBet are focusing around Tua Tagovailoa. The Alabama product has been a hot commodity betting-wise leading up to the draft.

Many believe he’s the most talented player in the draft. However, concerns about his health have his future draft position in question. His last season was cut short by a year-ending hip injury, which there are still some concerns about. That uncertainty could land him anywhere from the second overall pick to the tenth or beyond.

PointBet is taking wagers on which team will select Tagovailoa, and the numbers show a huge divide.

Most bettors have been taking the Las Vegas Raiders at +1,000 to draft him, while the Washington Redskins are the second most popular choice at +1,300.

To put that into perspective, the Raiders have the 12th pick in the draft and the Redskins have the 2nd. That’s a huge range of possibilities for such a touted prospect.

It shows that no one really has a clear grasp on where he’ll end up. That creates the potential for a big score for gamblers that are confident about which team will take him.

Fans can win free wings for a year with BetMGM

BetMGM has teamed up with Buffalo Wild Wings for an exclusive NFL Draft event.

The duo is offering a Picks and Props mobile game through the BWW app, which will use odds provided by BetMGM.

Picking the correct answers to draft questions is the name of the game. Players will earn points for each question they answer correctly. The top prize for the game is free wings for a year.

The idea here is basically to increase BetMGM’s brand recognition, while also bringing in new customers for BWW.

BetMGM’s second draft promo is similar to the daily fantasy offerings from DraftKings and FanDuel.

The sportsbook has a free to play $2,000 Pro Football Draft Contest running on its site and app.

Players will have to answer 20 questions prior to the start of the NFL Draft. Here’s a look at a handful of the questions for the promo.

  • How many teams will trade back in the first round of the draft?
  • Will the New England Patriots draft a quarterback in the first two rounds?
  • Which conference will Jake Fromm get drafted to?
  • How many Alabama players will be drafted?
  • What position will Mr. Irrelevant be?

The player that guesses the most questions correctly will win the $2,000 grand prize. The top five players will win an additional cash prize.

BetRivers pumps out tons of NFL Draft prop bets

While other sportsbooks have been focusing on draft-related promos, BetRivers has been driving in its own lane.

The goal? For them to create as many betting options for the NFL Draft as possible.

So far, the sportsbook has been doing exactly that. Its “Prop Bet Party” has been pumping out tons of different ways to place a wager on the event.

Not all of the options that BetRivers is offering are unique to its site, but there are still dozens of different options. Here’s a glance at a few of them:

  • How many Big 10 players will be drafted in the first round?
  • Who will be the second defensive player picked in the draft?
  • Long-shot bets on players who might sneak into the top 10.
  • Position-specific bets on how many receivers or tight ends will be drafted.
  • The exact order of the top-three picks.

All of Indiana’s sportsbooks have plenty to pick from in terms of draft betting; however, BetRivers has made the number of options the focus.

If gamblers are looking for specific bets or certain more obscure options, BetRivers is likely to have prop bets for them.

BetAmerica is back online and ready for the NFL Draft

After a cyberattack took down BetAmerica weeks ago, the site is finally back up again.

Since the sportsbook has been down for a number of weeks, it needed to hit the ground running to catch up to its competitors when it comes to NFL Draft betting.

So far, so good. BetAmerica has quickly added a horde of new draft betting options that were not available prior to the site going down.

The sportsbook is placing a big emphasis on betting the draft position of specific players.

Currently, you can bet on the draft position of over 50 players on the site. Those props include over/unders on draft position, as well as head-to-head “which of these two players will be drafted first” wagers.

However, if that kind of betting isn’t your taste, there’s still plenty of other options out there.

BetAmerica, like the rest of Indiana’s online sportsbooks, has a huge selection of choices for the draft.

If there’s a specific bet you’re looking to place, take a look around the different sportsbooks to find which one has the best odds for what you are seeking.

Many of the sportsbooks have a lot of the same options to pick from, but they have different odds slated for them. A little hunting for those favorable odds can go a long way toward making your NFL Draft betting as successful as possible.

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