Free-To-Play FanDuel ‘Sports Equinox’ Contest Available at Indiana’s Newest Online Sportsbook

Posted on October 25, 2019

It is pretty rare for all four major sports leagues to be in action on the same day. In fact, it has only taken place 18 times.

The 19th provides players an opportunity to take part in a FanDuel Sportsbook “sports equinox” contest.

If the contest goes on as planned, it would represent a free chance for Indianans to win over a third of a million dollars.

It faces a serious challenge right now, however.

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FanDuel sports equinox contest

The sports equinox is when the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB all have teams in action on the same day. The potential for such an event exists this Sunday, Oct. 27 and Indiana online sportsbooks are prepared for the betting onslaught – especially FanDuel.

A countdown clock and a clever commercial show how special the event will be. Yet, all the buildup could be for naught.

Sunday’s schedule includes:

  • 13 NFL games
  • Seven NHL games
  • Five NBA games
  • One MLB game – possibly

The event actually happening all lies upon that final contest right now.

If the Washington Nationals defeat the Houston Astros tonight and tomorrow night, they will complete a sweep of the 2019 World Series. That means Game 5, scheduled for Sunday right now, will not be necessary.

In that case, or if a rainout should occur at Nationals Park on Sunday, the 19th equinox will have to wait.

If Houston wins either tonight or tomorrow and the weather cooperates on Sunday in Washington, D.C., then FanDuel has a massive free-to-play contest that is open to Indiana residents and visitors.

FanDuel sports equinox: Free-to-play contest in Indiana

For those in the Hoosier State (and New Jersey or Pennsylvania), the contest can be accessed using your FanDuel Sportsbook credentials. If you aren’t yet registered with FanDuel Sportsbook, you will have to complete that process prior to entering this contest.

Players should proceed to the website and log in to their accounts. No wager is necessary on any of the moneylines listed.

Before 1 p.m. ET on Sunday, contestants have to pick a winner in all of the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL games that are scheduled to be played that day.

The contest isn’t all-or-nothing, however. In order to qualify for the prize, a contestant only has to get 20 correct picks.

Picking 20 games correctly in one day is still a monumental task. Because of the -1100 odds, FanDuel will reward someone who wins handsomely.

Sports equinox: A bettor’s dream day

Anyone who gets to 20 or more correct picks would have a great day. Though the announced prize was originally $270,000, the payout has grown to $345,000.

That’s more than Indiana Pacers guard Victor Oladipo, the highest-paid player on his team earns for each game. It’s also more than all but eight members of the Indianapolis Colts get per game.

While the Pacers are idle on Sunday, the equinox schedule includes betting on the Indianapolis Colts. They host the Denver Broncos.

If the Nationals complete the sweep of the Astros and Sunday ends up being only a “partial equinox,” FanDuel will continue with the contest regardless. It won’t be as special of an occasion, but if someone wins the prize, it’s doubtful that person will care.

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