A Fresh Start For BetAmerica Sportsbook With GAN As Its New Partner

Posted on June 29, 2020 - Last Updated on September 27, 2022

BetAmerica Sportsbook could be moving to a new platform.

According to Online Poker Report, the Churchill Downs product has an agreement in place to move to a GAN platform.

GAN is a company that provides software and platforms to help run online casinos and sportsbooks. One of those platforms is GameStack, which will be BetAmerica’s new home once things are set in stone.

In a nutshell, GameStack will eventually handle the account management side of things for BetAmerica.

While GameStack does the accounts work, Kambi will be providing the sportsbook technology.

Kambi is no stranger to the sports betting world. The company was the home of DraftKings Sportsbook before it had to leave the platform due to its merger with SBTech.

SBTech is BetAmerica’s current platform, although the relationship between the two companies has been shaky over the past few months.

Cyberattack on SBTech rocks the boat

Back in March, a cyberattack on SBTech split a wedge in the company’s relationship with BetAmerica.

Since BetAmerica relies on SBTech for its entire platform, the attack knocked the sportsbook offline.

Normally, outages like that don’t last for more than a day or two. This time around, they lasted for almost an entire month.

With BetAmerica offline, Indiana was down a man in the sportsbook department.

The outage also frustrated customers, who couldn’t access their accounts, or the money in them, for weeks on end.

BetAmerica wasn’t happy about the prolonged outage, especially since many of SBTech’s other clients were back in business weeks before BetAmerica was.

SBTech’s merger with DraftKings played its part

Another big factor in BetAmerica’s move to GAN is the DraftKings and SBTech merger; the two companies joined forces as part of a reverse merger involving Diamond Eagle Acquisition Corporation.

That merger was big for DraftKings, since it now owns its online platform. Eventually, it will no longer need to partner with a company like Kambi to do the heavy lifting for its websites.

So what does that have to do with BetAmerica?

Up until now, BetAmerica has been using SBTech as its platform. But now that DraftKings owns SBTech, any business that BetAmerica does with the company directly benefits DraftKings.

The merger left BetAmerica with a clear choice: either continue forking over cash to the competition, or move everything over to a new online platform.

BetAmerica struggles in Indiana

Churchill Downs will certainly hope that the move from SBTech to GAN will be a fresh start for the BetAmerica brand.

Compared to other Indiana online sportsbooks, it hasn’t exactly been a hit since its launch back in December.

BetAmerica has only pulled in about $480,000 worth of wagers since it opened for business in the Hoosier State. That’s after five full months of taking bets.

That’s an incredibly low number compared to the competition. For example, FanDuel Sportsbook pulled in over $12 million in wagers just during the month of May.

Even the state’s less popular sportsbooks are blowing them out of the water.

During May, BetMGM brought in over $1.5 million in wagers. In other words, it more than tripled BetAmerica’s lifetime handle in just one month.

Obviously, the three weeks that the sportsbook spent offline due to that cyberattack didn’t do its numbers any favors.

However, even with that downtime, BetAmerica’s numbers are still nowhere near where it would like to see them.

The move to GAN could mark the start of something new for the brand. Regardless of how it happens, Churchill Downs will be happy to breathe some new life into the brand in whatever ways it can.

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