Safest Indiana Casinos Online for 2024

When choosing an online casino in Indiana or elsewhere, it is important to find safe and secure options you can trust with your information and funds.

Indiana has yet to legalize real money online casinos, although you can play online casino games at social and sweepstakes casinos in the Hoosier State. As Indiana moves toward introducing online casinos, here are some guidelines to help you evaluate your choices and select the most secure options.

Below, we’ll cover:

Why finding a safe online casino in Indiana is important

You should exercise caution and due diligence conducting any financial transaction online, including when you gamble at online casinos. Spend time learning about sites before you play on them. Above all, make sure they are legal and properly licensed to operate in your jurisdiction.

This is crucial for the security of your personal and financial information, the fairness and integrity of the games and the site’s commitment to responsible gambling practices.

Risk of gambling at unlicensed online casinos

You might encounter real money online casinos located outside the US that advertise themselves as legal casinos for Indiana players. But “offshore” and unlicensed online casinos are dangerous. There are many risks associated with playing on such sites, including:

  • You will have no legal recourse should you encounter problems with account security or any other issues.
  • There are no assurances regarding game integrity since the site is not beholden to US or Indiana gambling laws.
  • If you suspect fraudulent activity on the part of the site’s administrators or users, you can only hope customer support will respond to your complaints, as they will not be required to do so.
  • The online casino can require exorbitant withdrawal fees or place other unreasonable restrictions on your account, and you will have no choice but to accept them.
  • If the site chooses or is forced to shut down, you may not be able to withdraw your funds.

Gambling is inherently a risky activity, but there is no reason to make it even riskier by playing on unlicensed online casinos. On such sites, even if you win, you might lose. Stick to playing on legal, safe and reliable online gambling sites in Indiana instead.

Safety criteria for Indiana online casinos

Further down, we specifically address how you can find and select a safe online casino. Here are five criteria we at PlayIndiana consider when evaluating online casinos for their safety.

  • Legality: An online casino simply must be legal in the jurisdiction it operates for us even to begin evaluating its safety for players. We talk more about licensing and regulation below, but always be sure the site is both legal and licensed in the state where you are playing.
  • Performance and functionality: All online casinos are different. Some have better, more dynamic platforms than others. That said, you can assume a certain standard of functionality and performance from an online casino. Failure to meet that standard could indicate other problems with the site, including its safety. Make sure the site works as it should in the areas of gameplay, banking and customer support.
  • Identity verification and safety measures: Online casinos have to be careful with your personal information. That care begins when you first sign up for an account. Legal sites have to ensure you are 21 or confirm your identity from the start. They also must follow KYC (Know Your Customer) checks and other measures to protect your funds and banking info.
  • Transparency and clarity of terms and conditions: Whether we are talking about game rules, payouts, banking options, transaction wait times or just how a particular bonus works, an online casino must be completely transparent about the terms and conditions under which players engage with the site. For us, an online casino has to be candid and clear about every aspect of its operation to be deemed trustworthy.
  • Reputation in the gambling industry: Most legal and licensed online casinos operate in multiple jurisdictions. Many are also associated with established gambling companies that have decades of experience in the industry. The reputation associated with an online casino’s brand and the history of the company operating it can also be meaningful when assessing the site’s safety. An established entity is more likely to operate safely and fairly when compared to unknown operators.

Top expected safe online casinos in Indiana

There are a number of online casinos currently operating in other states we expect to launch in Indiana when it becomes legal to do so. Here is a rundown of several anticipated new online casinos for the IN market.

Online CasinoWelcome BonusPayment MethodsCustomer Support OptionsSecurity Measures
Bet365100% deposit match up to $1,000 in bet creditsDebit and credit cards, bank transfer, PayPal, Bet365 Mastercard, PayNearMe, Skrill, PaySafeCardLive chat, email, phone, mail, FAQSee below
BetMGM$25 Freeplay plus up to $1,000 deposit match bonusDebit and credit cards, online banking, BetMGM prepaid and gift cards, VIP Preferred, PayPal, Skrill, PayNearMeLive chat, email, FAQSee below
BetRiversUp to $500 refund (in casino credit) for losses during first 24 hoursDebit and credit cards, online banking, PayPal, BetRivers prepaid card, PayNearMe, VanillaDirectLive chat, query form, phone, FAQSSL encryption, firewalls, site audits, Player Protection Terms (responsible gambling)
Caesars$10 no deposit bonus plus 200% deposit match up to
Debit and credit cards, PayPal, Caesars prepaid card, VIP Preferred, online banking, PayNearMe, SkrillLive chat, email, phone, FAQSee below
DraftKings$35 no deposit bonus (bet credits) plus 100% deposit match up to $50 plus $35 (bonus cash) Debit and credit cards, DraftKings prepaid card, PayPal, Skrill, VIP Preferred, online bank transfer, wire transferLive chat, email, FAQSee below
FanDuel$1,000 “play it again” bonus (bonus credits refunded for losses during first 24 hrs.)Debit and credit cards, PayPal, online banking, Skrill, wire transferLive chat, email, FAQSee below
Golden Nugget$10 no deposit bonus plus 100% deposit match up to $50Debit and credit cards, prepaid card, VIP Preferred, PayPal, online bank transfer, wire transferLive chat, email, phone, FAQSSL encryption, firewalls, privacy policy, site audits, responsible gambling/patron protection program
WynnBET100% deposit match up to $1,000Credit cards, WynnBET prepaid card, VIP PreferredLive chat, email, phone, FAQSSL encryption, firewalls, site audits, responsible gambling tools
  • Note that cash at the casino cage is also a payment method at online casinos with land-based partners. 

Overview of expected safe online casinos in IN

Building on the above table, let’s dig deeper into some of these expected IN online casinos and the security they offer. Here are some security highlights from five top contenders to launch in the Hoosier State.


Full Bet365 Casino review

Bet365 Casino

The UK-based Bet365 Casino is up and running in New Jersey, and it’s looking to expand elsewhere. Regulators test the site’s random number generator (RNG) for fairness, and the site has also employed eCOGRA for independent tests and checks. Bet365 Casino employs SSL encryption to protect player data as well as firewall technology to keep out hackers.

The site additionally features a number of player-protection tools like EROS, an early-risk detection system that monitors players’ activity and looks for signs of problem gambling. Bet365 also hosts its own responsible gambling website where players can learn more.

Full BetMGM Casino review.

BetMGM Casino

BetMGM Casino is live in several states. The site works with Shift4 Payments to handle online gaming transactions. Shift4 is a payment processor that employs industry-standard point-to-point digital encryption to keep users’ information from directly entering the system.

BetMGM Casino has independent auditors who routinely review the RNG used by its games. The site additionally participates in GameSense, a responsible gambling program that provides gamblers with resources and information.


Full Caesars Casino review.

Caesars Casino

Caesars Casino operates in several states. Its owner, Caesars Entertainment, has a strong reputation for game integrity and player safety. The site uses SSL encryption to protect player data and undergoes regular checks of games for their fairness.

The site has its own comprehensive responsible gambling program connecting players with needed resources, while also offering tools like setting limits on time spent and deposits.

Full DraftKings Casino review.

DraftKings Casino

DraftKings Casino is live in a number of states. Like other sites, DraftKings Casino uses encryption to protect player data and also offers two-factor authentication (2FA) for further security.

Besides being audited by local regulators, the site has the third-party auditor Gaming Laboratories International test its games. DraftKings Casino also employs additional security measures, plus demonstrates a commitment to responsible gambling.


Full FanDuel Casino review.

FanDuel Casino

FanDuel Casino is another widely operating site that has justly earned a reputation for player safety. Like other online casinos, the site uses encryption and firewalls to protect player information and the site’s overall security.

FanDuel Casino employs third-party auditors to help ensure game integrity. The site also has a Vulnerability Disclosure Policy that offers rewards to players who identify possible security problems. As part of that initiative, FanDuel works with HackerOne to run the Bug Bounty Program and FanDuel Security Hall of Fame.

How to choose a safe online casino in Indiana

What do we at PlayIndiana look for when evaluating the safety and security of an online casino? There are several factors to consider.

  • Licensing: First on our list of factors when judging an online casino’s safety is ensuring it is licensed and regulated in the state where it operates. The state must legally allow real money online gambling, and the site must be licensed by the state’s regulatory body. Check for the regulator’s seal and other references to an online casino’s licensing. These should be easy to find and conspicuously displayed on the site.
  • Security protocols and data encryption: When an online casino is legal and licensed, it must be subjected to a variety of security protocols. These include site audits by state regulators and other maintenance and self-checks. Secure online casinos also encrypt user data. They additionally have up-to-date privacy policies, which should be posted and easy to locate on the site.
  • Game fairness and randomness: Secure online casinos perform constant tests and checks to ensure games are fair and properly randomized. Regulators (and sometimes other third-party consultants) additionally perform audits to ensure the integrity of the games, including that the return to player (RTP) percentages for all of the games are within guidelines established by the jurisdiction’s gambling rules.
  • Security of payment options: Safe online casinos for real money provide adequate security with every deposit and withdrawal method. Be wary of sites that offer atypical banking methods, and by all means avoid those that use cryptocurrency: that is not legal for US online casinos. Use common sense when judging verification checks and other safety measures associated with banking at an online casino. In particular, be wary of sites that do not seem to employ enough security with your transactions and/or personal information.
  • Customer support and user experience: An online casino with responsible and accessible customer support is always favorable to one that lacks such communication. Having live chat, phone and email support is a must, and you should also value clear and comprehensive FAQ sections as another positive when judging a site’s security. Sites that lack strong customer service sometimes have other issues that can make them less safe for players.
  • Responsible gambling policies: Player safety also includes the online casino providing tools to help promote responsible gambling and prevent problem gambling. Look for sites that provide means to limit the amount of money and/or time you spend on the site. Online casinos should offer ways for players to self-exclude for certain periods of time or permanently.

Tips for choosing the safest online casino in Indiana

To summarize what we’ve discussed, here is a list of recommendations for gauging the safety of online casinos. Follow these tips to locate the safest, most trusted online casinos.

  • Make sure the online casino is licensed and legal in your state.
  • Check that the site has procedures in place to verify your identity and location (using geolocation technology), including Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.
  • Review the online casino’s available banking methods and make certain all guidelines for depositing and withdrawing are clear and reasonable.
  • Avoid online casinos that use cryptocurrency (not legal in the US).
  • Read and evaluate the site’s terms and conditions.
  • Take into account the online casino’s reputation and reviews from users.
  • Consider other security protocols employed by the site, customer support options and responsible gambling practices.

Safe online gambling in Indiana begins with the safest online casinos

Fans of casino games in Indiana should have a number of safe online casino options available to them once the state gives the green light. When that day comes and you begin to look at what games an online casino has to offer, be mindful as well of what the site is doing to ensure the safety and security of players.

Safe IN online casinos FAQs

Licensed online casinos often display the regulator’s seal on the homepage. If accessing the site via a mobile casino app, you’ll also either see the seal or some other conspicuous reference to the online casino being licensed and regulated. You can also consult that information online via the state government’s website. For example, in Indiana, the Indiana Gaming Commission oversees gambling in the state and provides information about the licensing of all legal gambling entities.

Yes, you can play for real money at legal and regulated online casinos in your state. Indiana has yet to legalize online casinos, but when they do you will be able to safely play on the new licensed sites. Avoid playing at online casinos located outside the US or in jurisdictions other than your own, as they are not required to follow your state’s gambling laws. You can also safely play online casino games using virtual currencies at social and sweepstakes sites.

Yes, as described above, you’ll find that online casinos that are licensed and regulated must regularly undergo checks and audits to ensure all of their games are fair and random. These integrity measures extend to ensuring fair payouts that conform to regulators’ guidelines.

Consult the online casino’s deposit methods and follow the instructions for funding your account. If required, provide personal information where required so the site can verify your identity. Don’t forget also when depositing to include any applicable casino promo codes such as are sometimes associated with bonuses. Do not deposit cryptocurrency onto an online casino as this practice is not presently legal in any US state.


Even if you follow all of our tips for choosing a safe casino online, you may still encounter an issue. If ever a problem does arise, contact the online casino’s customer support to receive help. The good thing about playing only on licensed and regulated online casinos is that you can count on the sites addressing your concerns, particularly if they involve the security of your funds or any other issues related to game integrity. That’s not the case when playing on unlicensed, “offshore” accounts.