Fastest Payout Online Casinos in Indiana 2024

Indiana could soon add real money online casinos to the list of legal ways to gamble in the state. When that happens, Indiana players will be seeking online casinos with fast payout options as they assess the different sites.

Here’s an overview of what to look for when judging the speed and efficiency of online casinos’ withdrawal options.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about instant withdrawal online casinos, including:

Fastest-payout casinos compared

Online casino players value quick, trustworthy banking methods, especially when it comes to collecting their winnings. As a result, it’s no surprise to see online casinos try to provide and promote fast payouts.

Be wary of unregulated, offshore accounts that advertise fast and easy payouts. They present too much risk. Only play on legal, regulated real money sites in jurisdictions that allow them. In other locations, try social and sweepstakes casino sites.

The speed of payouts usually depends on the method chosen, with certain methods taking longer because they require extra verification or monitoring to ensure the transaction is safe and secure. For instance, despite the name, “instant eCheck withdrawals” will sometimes take multiple days to process depending on the third-party transaction provider.

Here is a list of some popular online casinos with details regarding their fastest payout options:

Online CasinoFastest Payout TypeSpeedMinimum Withdrawal
Bally CasinoeCheck by VIP Preferred24 hours$10
BetMGM CasinoBetMGM Play+ Prepaid Card, Debit Card, PayPalFrom immediately to 24 hours$10
Caesars CasinoCaesars Play+ Prepaid Card, PayPalFrom immediately to 24 hours$20
DraftKings CasinoDebit Card24 hours$1
FanDuel CasinoFanDuel Play+ Prepaid Card, PayPal/Venmo, Debit CardFrom 1 to 24 hours$25
WynnBET CasinoWynnBET Play+ Prepaid Card24-48 hours$20

Expected fast payout casinos in Indiana

When Indiana does introduce online casinos, here are the IN casino sites with fast payout options that we expect to launch in the Hoosier State.

  • Bally payouts: Bally Casino offers two primary withdrawal options, eCheck by VIP Preferred and ACH transfer. Both options are safe and secure. The fastest option is eCheck by VIP Preferred. This normally processes within 24 hours. You will need first to enroll in VIP Preferred to use that option.
  • BetMGM payouts: At BetMGM Casino, you can withdraw your funds in many ways, including via ACH transfer, wire transfer, PayPal, Skrill, BetMGM Play+ Prepaid Card and check by mail. All these options are equally safe and secure. The fastest of these methods is to use a BetMGM Play+ Prepaid Card; your withdrawal will often be instantaneous.
  • Caesars payouts: You’ll find many withdrawal options at Caesars Casino, including eCheck by VIP Preferred, online banking, PayPal and Caesars Play+ Prepaid Card. For the fastest withdrawals, Caesars recommends using either PayPal or the Caesars Play+ Prepaid Card. Caesars reserves the right to review all transactions to ensure security. That can add time, but in most cases, these fastest options are processed almost immediately (or at least within 24 hours).
  • DraftKings payouts: With DraftKings Casino, there are several safe ways to withdraw your funds, including via eCheck by VIP Preferred, online banking, bank wire, PayPal, debit cards, Venmo, check by mail and DraftKings Play+ Prepaid Card. Withdrawing via debit card is the fastest of these available methods, typically taking 24 hours or less.
  • FanDuel payouts: FanDuel Casino has built a reputation for fast payouts regardless of the chosen withdrawal method. At present, you can withdraw from FanDuel Casino via online banking, debit cards, PayPal, Venmo or with a FanDuel Play+ Prepaid Card. The FanDuel Play+ Prepaid Card is usually the fastest method. It takes just an hour or so (although sometimes up to 24 hours). The other methods can be just as fast though, especially PayPal, Venmo and debit cards.
  • WynnBET payouts: WynnBET Casino offers multiple, safe ways to withdraw funds from your account. These include using the WynnBET Play+ Prepaid Card, eCheck by VIP Preferred or PayPal. Of these, the WynnBET Play+ Prepaid Card is typically the fastest method, although PayPal can be quick as well.

Fastest payout options at Indiana online casinos

As described above, online casinos offer a variety of ways to withdraw your funds, but some payout methods are faster than others. It is important to review the different banking methods even before you sign up for an online casino account. That way, you can be sure there are methods available that work well for you.

Let’s quickly review some of the fastest payout options online casinos typically offer.

  • Prepaid cards (e.g., Play+): Most online casinos invite players to use specially-branded Play+ prepaid cards for depositing and withdrawing. These work much like a gift card in that first you put money on the card; then you can deposit from the card to an account and withdraw from an account back onto the card. They are easy and safe to use, and, at most sites, they provide the fastest payout method.
  • eCheck by VIP Preferred: VIP Preferred is a popular and trusted electronic check provider that enables users to transfer funds between accounts, including between their bank account and an online casino account. The transactions are called ACH or Automated Clearing House payments. Most online casinos use this method. In some cases, it is the fastest way to deposit or withdraw funds.
  • Debit cards: Nearly all online casinos allow you to deposit funds using debit cards. Many (though not all) also allow withdrawing funds by that same method. Using a debit card is essentially identical to transferring money directly to and from your bank account. Very often, debit cards are one of the fastest payout methods.
  • PayPal: PayPal is a trusted third-party transaction provider that many online casinos use both for deposits and withdrawals. Setting up a PayPal account is a simple process, and once you do, you can link a bank account to it as well. PayPal then enables you to move money back and forth from your bank account to the online casino with just a few clicks. You can also keep a balance in your PayPal account, although those funds won’t earn any interest.
  • Venmo: This digital wallet works a lot like PayPal in that it functions as a kind of intermediary transaction provider helping you move money from a bank account into an online casino account and vice-versa. Like PayPal, you can keep money in a Venmo account, although that money does not earn interest. Several online casinos now offer Venmo as a banking option.

Tips for getting the fastest online casino withdrawals

There are certain things you can do to help ensure you get the fastest payouts an online casino site or casino app in Indiana has to offer, once regulated. Most of these tips simply involve making yourself knowledgeable about the withdrawal process.

Account verification

When you create an account at an online casino, you typically have to provide personal information for identity verification. Such information also helps with your security, too, and helps prevent anyone else from accessing your account.

You may find you need to provide additional documentation when making your first withdrawal from a site. Follow any instructions regarding these extra verification steps carefully, and you’ll eliminate unwanted delays.

Know the terms and conditions

Pay attention to a site’s terms and conditions concerning the different banking methods, including limits designating minimum and maximum amounts for each. Sometimes online casino bonuses have restrictions or wagering requirements attached that must be satisfied before you can withdraw funds associated with them.

Also, in many cases, you will find you can withdraw funds using only the method you previously used to deposit them. Again, read the terms and conditions and know what is allowed. That will help you avoid delays when withdrawing.

Understand playthrough requirements

Speaking of wagering requirements, a.k.a. playthrough requirements, not being aware of such restrictions can obviously slow down or even block your withdrawals. Pay attention to terms associated with bonuses and promotions. Be sure to follow the instructions to make sure you receive your funds.

Limits and withdrawal frequency

Often, there are both minimum and maximum amounts you can withdraw. Sometimes those limits are associated with particular withdrawal methods. You might also encounter an online casino limiting the number of times you can withdraw funds within a certain period (e.g., within 24 hours). Again, read the site’s policies and follow them!

Banking fees

With some withdrawal methods, you might find it necessary to pay a fee to your bank or a third-party transaction provider. The online casinos themselves don’t usually charge fees for you to withdraw funds, but certain banking methods might require them. Be aware of that possibility, as banking fees may influence which payout option you choose.

Taxes on winnings

You are responsible for paying taxes on your gambling winnings. Whenever you withdraw funds from an online casino, you should be keeping track of what you’ve won to satisfy that obligation.

Avoid crypto and offshore casinos

We’ve already mentioned so-called offshore, unregulated casinos as overly risky. Such sites aren’t beholden to local gambling laws or regulations. If you encounter problems withdrawing funds, you will have no legal recourse. The same goes for online casinos that use cryptocurrency. Such sites are not legal in the U.S. and should therefore be avoided.

What are KYC checks, and why are they important?

Legal, regulated online casinos are essentially held to the same standards as banks and other financial institutions. Like those entities, online casinos must follow KYC or “Know Your Customer” checks when confirming users’ identities.

Performing KYC checks helps sites keep players’ information and funds secure. They also help online casinos guard against fraud and money laundering. KYC checks include requiring users to provide personal information such as:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Phone number and email address
  • Last four digits of your Social Security number

KYC checks can also include requiring further documentation from you when withdrawing funds, such as banking information (account number, routing number).

Indeed, since all legal online casinos perform KYC checks, you should be quite wary of a site that does not perform such due diligence. Unregulated, illegal casinos don’t follow such checks. That’s yet another argument for avoiding them.

Gamble responsibly

Gambling can be a fun and entertaining activity. When you win, that entertainment value seems to skyrocket. It is important, however, to be smart and use moderation when you gamble.

Practicing responsible gambling involves knowing your limits and never gambling with money you cannot afford to lose. Click here to learn more about responsible gambling resources in Indiana. Indiana gamblers can also find more information and help via the following resources:

Fast withdrawals with instant payout casinos in Indiana

Game selection and quality are obviously important when comparing online casinos, but using secure banking methods matters a lot, too. Especially when it comes to withdrawing funds, it is important to count on receiving your money quickly and without complications.

Consider the factors discussed above when comparing the best options among fast payout online casinos to help make your choice.

Fastest payout casinos in Indiana FAQs

BetMGM and Caesars are known for providing easy and quick withdrawal methods. In truth, most online casinos offer very fast and even instantaneous payout options, but it often depends on the payout method.

When players win at online slots or any other casino game, they often want to receive their winnings as quickly as possible. You’ll find most licensed and regulated online casinos advertise ways you can withdraw funds instantly. That said, read the fine print, as in some cases “instant withdrawal” actually means being able to receive your funds within 24 hours.

When using prepaid cards, you can often receive your funds practically instantly, or at least in the amount of time it takes to spin a roulette wheel. PayPal can be very quick as well, sometimes taking only a few minutes. For online casinos that partner with land-based properties, you can also often withdraw your funds right away at the casino cage.

Other withdrawal methods can take longer. Using debit cards or bank transfers can sometimes take 3 to 5 business days. Of course, requesting a check by mail can take as long as a week (or even more).

If you have received a bonus, you may find you have to satisfy a playthrough requirement before withdrawing any winnings from that bonus. For example, if you entered a promo code when signing up for an account in order to receive a bonus, you may have to satisfy these terms or abide by other restrictions before you can actually withdraw any funds. This sometimes happens with winnings earned via free spins, too. Be sure to read the terms and conditions associated with any bonus.

You’ll sometimes find that online casinos won’t let you use a particular withdrawal method unless you also deposited funds using that same method. That’s not always true, however. Again, read the site’s information regarding withdrawals to learn the policies. Often your best approach is to find a favorite method both for depositing and withdrawing and stick with it for each transaction. See as well our other tips for increasing the speed of online casino withdrawals.

Sometimes very large payouts might be delayed so the site can obtain added verification and further ensure the safety and security of your account. Again, check those terms and conditions.

Our survey of online casinos finds prepaid cards often provide the fastest withdrawals. At most sites, withdrawals with prepaid cards can be immediate or close to immediate. That said, your mileage may vary. We encourage you to test out different sites and methods yourself.