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BetMGM Sports IA
Risk-Free BetRisk-Free Bet$1,000$1,000

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BetMGM Sportsbook Indiana launched in February 2020 after BetMGM and its land-based casino partner, Belterra Casino, received a sports betting license on Jan. 14, 2020.

BetMGM comes with the firepower of one of the world’s top gaming companies, MGM Resorts International, behind it. The BetMGM app is a rebranded version of the previous online offering, playMGM.

You can receive a risk-free bet worth up to $1,000 when you use our exclusive BetMGM bonus code PLAYBONUS.

This offer, along with MGM’s expertise, make BetMGM worthy of enterprising sports bettors in Indiana.

Why choose BetMGM Sportsbook in Indiana
  • New players receive receive an initial risk-free bet
  • Mobile apps offered for both Android and iOS
  • Premier name in gaming with a wide array of betting markets
  • In-game wagering options available
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BetMGM Indiana welcome bonus: $1,000 risk-free bet

The BetMGM Indiana bonus code is PLAYBONUS. New players from Indiana get to make an initial bet risk-free, for up to $1,000.

Simply make your initial bet. If it wins, you receive your winnings in your account like any other bet. If it is unsuccessful, though, BetMGM will refund your losses in bet credits. You must use the credits within seven days.

BetMGM Sportsbook bonus code Indiana - November 2021

Online SportsbookBetMGM Sportsbook Indiana
BetMGM Indiana Bonus CodePLAYBONUS
Sign-up BonusUp to $1,000 risk-free bet
Land-based Casino PartnerBelterra Casino
Online Since 2020
Last UpdatedNovember 24, 2021

BetMGM Indiana bonuses & incentives

There are several other generous bonuses available for BetMGM Indiana players, new customers or not.

Odds boosts bonus

Chief among these offers is the site’s daily odds boosts. Odds boosts are bonuses common to many sportsbooks. As their name implies, they boost the odds in favor of players on-site to generate more interest in particular bets.

So, odds boosts could reduce the size of a point spread required for a favorite to beat the spread. Conversely, the boost could increase the spread to aid an underdog’s pursuit of covering the margin.

Bet $10, get $10 bonus

For football fans, this bonus makes a lot of sense. Simply put, a $10 wager on any NFL game will get a $10 free bet.

This deal extends for the length of the NFL season. Players only need to opt into the promotion to take advantage.

Before anyone gets too excited though, the offer is only accessible once. A player won’t get a $10 free bet every time one makes a bet on the NFL.

BetMGM Sportsbook Indiana app – $1,000 Bonus

BetMGM Indiana is available on a browser, Apple and Android devices.

You can download the BetMGM iPhone app for Indiana by visiting BetMGM and clicking on the iOS logo. The iPhone / iPad app will need to use your phone’s geolocation services on to verify the player’s location is within Indiana.

Android users cannot find gambling apps in the Google Play Store. However, they can download the BetMGM Android app for Indiana by visiting BetMGM and clicking on the Android logo.

For players with an Android device, they should make sure to change the settings on their phone to allow installations from other sources. After that, the install and operation of the BetMGM app should be as smooth as the other platforms.

The browser version of the software is functional, albeit a bit clunkier than the mobile app version. The browser seems to struggle with formatting.

BetMGM also runs a bit slower than many competitor apps for sports betting. There were noticeable load times on both the app and laptop versions, although there were environmental factors that could have affected the connection.

The betting slip works well, if perfunctorily. However, like the rest of the site, there was a considerable delay in loading a selection.

Like many online sportsbooks, the bet slip functions as a tab-like feature on the right side of the page.

Sports to bet on at MGM Indiana Sportsbook

Bet MGM Indiana offers many of the same sports betting markets available at most major sportsbooks. The available legal sports betting options on Bet MGM include:

  • Australian rules football
  • Basketball (NBA and college)
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Football (NBA and college)
  • Formula 1 racing
  • Golf
  • Major League Baseball
  • NHL
  • Rugby union
  • Soccer (MLS and international)
  • Tennis

Available bet types at BetMGM Indiana

All the standard betting types are available for bettors on BetMGM Indiana. So, players who frequent the site will have their choice from the following:

  • Futures
  • Moneylines
  • Parlays
  • Point spreads
  • Propositions
  • Round robins
  • Totals

Along with these options, BetMGM online sports betting also offers an extensive list of other betting options.

Live betting

BetMGM features a live betting section, which is fast becoming a requirement for online sportsbooks in the US.

For those unaware, live betting, or in-game wagering, is the practice of setting bet options after a game or match has begun. Live betting is a subset of proposition betting, as all of them are, almost by definition, prop bets.

As such, they tend to fall into one of two camps.

First, many live bets ask questions about what might happen by the end of a given period. So, players may have the option to wager on point spreads, moneylines or totals that could fall at the end of the first half, for instance.

The other type of live betting common to sportsbooks involves individual or team milestones.

The site will ask if a player or team, already on the path to a specific statistical achievement, will reach that goal. So, e.g., a bet might ask if Player A, who has scored 20 points so far, will have scored 30 by the end of the game.

Live betting allows BetMGM to expand its options greatly for wagering on each game. As it turns out, that expansion is excellent for the sportsbook and player.

Obviously, the sportsbook is happy to accept more wagers, since each one means another collection of vigorish, or “vig,” the sportsbook’s source of profit in every bet. However, live betting also allows players to defray or recoup a pregame wager that quickly goes awry.

So, if a bet on the underdog is quickly proving foolish, a bettor can follow the tide of the contest and place hedging bets on the favorite. Since nothing is certain in gambling, it’s nice to have options if things go south.

Cash out option

The ability to place more wagers is not the only way that BetMGM offers flexibility to its customer base. Players can also make use of the cash-out option most of the time.

Players can find the cashing out feature at the bottom of any open bet slip. Under certain conditions, the option may light up and offer a payout amount to the bettor.

The player can push the button and receive the advertised payout at any time during the match. It is no longer necessary to wait until the conclusion of a contest to secure one’s winnings.

The cash-out option can be an excellent way for a player to guard against last-second meltdowns or garbage time spread covers.

Instead, for a slightly lower payout, the player can secure his or her win and move on.

Edit My Bet feature

BetMGM sports betting also allows players to make changes to open wagers on the fly. The “Edit My Bet” feature is available to allow players greater control and flexibility, rather than having to stand pat on their bets.

To be eligible, the player’s wager must meet the following conditions:

  • Cash out is available on the bet.
  • There are unsettled parts of the bet where the outcome of the bet is undetermined.

The edit option is accessible through the “My Bets” section of each player’s profile. Any wager eligible for editing will have the label next to it.

If the option is available, players can make one of four types of alterations to their wager. They can:

  1. Add a team/game to the existing bet.
  2. Swap the choice on an existing selection.
  3. Remove the selection and avoid the loss.
  4. Increase the overall stake on the game.

Obviously, the edit alternative is more readily available in the earlier stages of a contest. So, there will still be quite a bit of chance involved if a bettor decides to alter things.

How to cashout at MGM Sportsbook Indiana

Like all sportsbooks, BetMGM Indiana works to make banking as easy as possible for players. So, there are a varied choice of banking options for moving money around on the site.

These options cater to almost every type of bettor, no matter the preferred medium for transactions. Interestingly, BetMGM distinguishes itself as having more withdrawal methods available than most other sportsbooks.


There are seven different pathways for players to get their funds onto the sites. Few patrons at BetMGM online betting will be unable to find a method that works for them.

Players can deposit in the following ways:

  • Credit and debit cards
    ◦ BetMGM accepts Visa and Mastercard transactions.
    ◦ Some issuing banks will not process the request, however.
    ◦ Even if they do, they may charge a fee and classify the purchase as a cash advance.
  • Electronic check
    ◦ E-checks through VIP Preferred ACH are the favored method of deposit at BetMGM.
    ◦ Electronic checks function identically to paper checks.
    ◦ There may be a delay until the check can pass through the appropriate clearinghouse.
  • Bank transfer
    ◦ Bank transfers are more direct transactions between the player’s bank account and BetMGM.
    ◦ They function in much the same way that online bill pay features at many banks work.
    ◦ The lack of a middleman means that these can process quickly.
  • Electronic wallets
    ◦ BetMGM accepts deposits from PayPal and Skrill.
    ◦ Electronic wallets provide a way station for players who make frequent online transactions.
    ◦ There may be fees associated with services on deposits or withdrawals at PayPal and/or Skrill.
  • Play+ Prepaid Card
    ◦ BetMGM prepaid cards are branded to the sportsbook.
    ◦ Players can fund these through a variety of measures, including credit and debit cards that might not be accepted otherwise.
    ◦ They are basically a gift card a bettor gives themselves.
  • PayNearMe
    ◦ PayNearMe is an option for players who deal in cash.
    ◦ A PayNearMe deposit generates a unique barcode.
    ◦ The player takes the barcode to any 7-Eleven convenience store.
    ◦ A simple scan from the clerk and the bettor can complete the transaction with cash.


There are five methods for withdrawing from a BetMGM account.

Please note that some of these options are only available for players who deposited in the same way:

  • Check by mail
  • E-check (through VIP Preferred)
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Play+ Prepaid Card

Bet MGM Sportsbook Customer support

With any system, there are inevitably going to be hiccups. Thankfully, BetMGM online sportsbook maintains customer support measures that are available 24/7.

Most importantly, players can call BetMGM and speak to a customer support representative.

Bet MGM players can also use the site’s email intake form to submit non-urgent queries.

Responsible gaming

Finally, it is essential to bear in mind that sports betting, while fun, can be taken too far.

BetMGM is actively committed to helping combat gambling addiction and seeing that patrons get the help that they need.

So, there is a link on both the app and browser version to MGM’s self-exclusion program. Rather than relying on state resources, MGM is more than willing to help gamblers who admit that they are struggling and want to exclude themselves from play.

Players should note that this step, if taken, is permanent. Recovery and remission from addiction are possible, but it is a chronic condition and cannot ever be fully cured.

MGM also maintains active literature and resources about problem gaming. There is no benefit to accepting wagers from people who cannot stop.

If you find yourself struggling with addiction, admit that it is a problem as soon as possible and seek treatment. There’s no reason for you or your family to suffer any longer.