Hooters Connecting With BetRivers For New In-Restaurant Betting Product

Posted on January 31, 2020

Hooters is hoping to become the go-to destination for sports betting fans.

The restaurant chain has partnered with KonekTV to add an edge to the betting experience at their locations.

The deal puts the two companies in tandem with online sportsbook BetRivers. KonekTV will be providing exclusive offers for BetRivers, which will only be available at Hooters locations.

KonekTV is now active at every Hooters location in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

What exactly is KonekTV?

KonekTV is a service that allows operators at sports bars or casinos to easily stream professional, collegiate and Esports-related events.

The company has seen activation at Caesars locations and sports bars around the country, but is now moving into even more locations using restaurant-specific deals like their agreement with Hooters.

KonekTV also offers sports information screens for live events to add an extra dimension to the betting experience.

The information screens display things such as game statistics, odds, and analytics for bettors. The goal is to have everything you could need to bet on an event in one place, making things as easy as possible.

Some locations with KonekTV also offer screen renting for visitors.

For example, if you visited a location but the specific game or event you wanted to watch isn’t on a TV there, you could rent a screen to put on that game or event.

Renting a screen also gives you access to that specific event’s information screens, giving bettors plenty of info to place a wager.

Additionally. KonekTV screens display ads specific to the location. So at Hooters restaurants across Indiana, that means exclusive promotions for gamblers using BetRivers will be on-screen.

French Lick Casino hoping for new customers

Since French Lick Casino is the land-based partner for BetRivers in Indiana, its handle could benefit from the deal.

BetRivers came online in Indiana at the same time as Ameristar Casino’s partner DraftKings. That’s a lot earlier than they’ve joined the party in other states.

But despite operating from the get-go, French Lick and BetRivers have lagged behind their competition.

In December, French Lick and BetRivers hauled in the third-largest handle in Indiana. The duo brought in over $9 million combined, but that number has been dwarfed by Indiana’s top dogs.

For example, Ameristar and DraftKings racked up over $70 million last month. Blue Chip Casino and its partner FanDuel pulled in over $40 million of their own.

French Lick and BetRivers will certainly be hoping that this deal with KonekTV and Hooters will help them close that gap.

Even with the head start that they’ve have had, BetRivers and French Lick’s position will only become harder to hold as new online competitors enter the Indiana market.

BetAmerica opened its digital doors in Indiana at the end of December.

PointsBet, BetIndiana and BetMGM were also all approved by the Indiana Gaming Commission in January to operate in the State.

Why BetRivers and French Lick have had a slower start

Several things have contributed to the duo’s smaller numbers compared to their competitors, including accessibility.

A lot of bettors place their wagers from their smartphones, and since the BetRivers app is only available on Android devices. iPhone users can’t access the sportsbook as conveniently. They need to download a third-party app, GeoGuard, in order to use BetRivers on their browsers.

BetRivers also doesn’t benefit from the same level of brand recognition that DraftKings and FanDuel have.

The other side of the coin for French Lick has been their geographic location.

Ameristar’s location in East Chicago allows them to pull in visitors from Illinois. Blue Chip Casino is in Michigan City, which benefits from its proximity to the Michigan border for the same reasons.

Kentucky is the closest state to French Lick, and they haven’t been able to legalize sports betting yet either.

Despite that potential advantage, French Lick is still nearly an hour away from that Southern border. That’s quite a bit further away than Ameristar and Blue Chip are from Illinois and Michigan.

With 11 Hooters locations throughout the Hoosier State, French Lick and BetRivers will be hoping their new deal can help make up for some of those disadvantages.

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