Get A Free NBA Jersey When You Bet $100 With Caesars Sportsbook Indiana

Posted on January 25, 2022 - Last Updated on March 20, 2024

Hoosiers have another chance to claim a free NBA jersey from Caesars Sportsbook Indiana. The company is extending its flagship promotion until Feb. 7.

Caesars Sportsbook free NBA jersey

Caesars has certainly carved out its own niche when it comes to sportsbook offers. Its free jersey promotion is one of the more unique deals that you’ll find.

The company previously ran the promo during the NFL regular season. Now that the football calendar is winding down, Caesars brought the deal back for the NBA.

Deals like this are some of the highlights of Indiana sports betting. Promotions are great values for gamblers around the state.

If you’re looking to claim your own jersey, then you’ll need to opt-in to the promotion on the Caesars Indiana app. This part is crucial to the process because you won’t receive your free jersey without opting in.

Once you’re set up on the app, all you have to do is wager at least $100 on NBA games.

Every game you bet on will count towards that threshold unless your wager is using boosted odds, bonus bets or another Caesars promotion.

Indiana gamblers have between now and Feb. 7 to get in on the action. Since games are taking place almost every night, that gives Hoosiers plenty of betting options over the course of the next few weeks.

That could be a great opportunity for fans that like betting on the Indiana Pacers, or any other team across the association.

$150 NBA gift card for Indiana gamblers

Claiming your free jersey is simple after you’ve reached the $100 mark for this promotion.

Caesars will send you an email once all of your wagers have settled.

That confirmation message will have all of the details that you need, including a code for a $150 gift card to the NBA store.

The marketing for this deal focuses on jerseys, but you can use your gift card on any type of NBA gear. Jerseys, coats, sweatshirts, hats and anything else you can find is on the table.

Obviously, you’ll be responsible for any charges that run up past that $150 mark.

Despite that, this is still an incredible deal that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. It’s a can’t-miss opportunity for Hoosiers that like betting on the NBA.

Even if you don’t plan on using Caesars Sportsbook often, this promotion is still worth checking out on the app.

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