Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Odds Dip After NFL Draft

Posted on May 5, 2021

Love the moves that the Indianapolis Colts made in the NFL Draft?

Then congrats, you’re already more optimistic than Indiana’s online sportsbooks.

Indy’s futures odds took a slight dip after the draft action over the weekend.

Betting apps didn’t love the team’s draft choices this year, but the Colts are still in a good spot for the next NFL season.

Colts Super Bowl odds drop

Heading into the draft, the Colts Super Bowl odds were sitting at +2,500.

There’s been a slight shift in the team’s contender odds since then, knocking them down a few spots in the rankings.


Dropping to +2,800 thankfully isn’t a huge slide.

So even though sportsbooks aren’t thrilled with Indy’s draft, they certainly didn’t hate it either.

The Super Bowl drop coincided with a slight AFC odds change for the Colts as well.

The team’s pre-draft conference odds were sitting at +1,100.

Sportsbooks still see the Colts as real AFC contenders, despite the slight dip.


This could be good news if you like betting on the Indianapolis Colts.

The team is still a contender, but the slight odds drop could help you make a little bit more money off of your wagers.

Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl shift

The Colts not making a big splash in the NFL Draft isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Indy already made its big trade to secure Carson Wentz, so the team didn’t feel the need to send out assets for the sake of another power move.

Other top teams making improvements is the most likely culprit for the Colt’s odds drop.

For example, the Broncos were sitting at +6,000 for the Super Bowl just a week ago.

The mere rumor of Aaron Rodgers wanting a trade to Denver spiked the team’s odds all the way up to +2,200. That slid a team in front of the Colts that had no business claiming those odds beforehand.

The Seahawks are another squad that managed to make a post-draft odds jump.

Seattle’s Super Bowl odds were at +2,800 before the draft and are now hovering at about +2,500.

Again, these are small changes, but they were enough to slip ahead of the Colts.

Colts still AFC South favorites

Indy’s title odds might have dipped, but sportsbooks are a little more bullish on the team’s division chances.

The Colts are still the favorites to win the AFC South next season.

The post-draft odds are exactly the same as they were when the market first opened for betting.


So even though sportsbooks don’t believe that the Colts improved a ton throughout the draft, they at least feel the exact same way about the Titans.

Betting on Indy’s win total for next season hasn’t shifted either. The over/under for betting on that value is still sitting at 10.

If you’re feeling confident about a certain team, then now might be the best time to bet on the NFL.

Even with the slightly shifting Super Bowl odds, anything can happen once the season actually gets underway.

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