Sports Betting Apps Are Finally Coming To The Google Play Store

Posted on February 2, 2021

Get ready Android gamblers: the Google Play store is allowing sportsbook apps.

Thanks to a change in Google’s policy, the company will soon allow sportsbook, lottery, online casino and daily fantasy sports apps. That new policy will go into effect on March 1.

Android users can download sportsbook apps

Apple iPhone users have had a leg up so far in the legal sportsbook market. Everyone with an iPhone can download a sportsbook app like DraftKings or FanDuel directly from the app store.

Things haven’t been so simple if you own an Android device.

Android users have to download gambling apps directly from company websites. It’s a pretty simple workaround, but it does involve jumping through a few more hoops compared to the typical app store download.

That will change once the policy shift is official next month. Soon, everyone with a smart phone will have quick, convenient access to the legal gambling options in their state.

A big win for online gambling

Outside of making things easier for customers, the policy change will provide a nice boost for the gambling companies themselves.

As of right now, these companies aren’t reaching their full potential audience.

There are over 120 million Android users throughout the US, and all of them have been on the back burner when it comes to the Google Play store and gambling.

Downloading a sportsbook or online casino app directly from the operator’s site sometimes requires tinkering with your phone’s security settings to allow the download to complete. That’s a potential turn off for some, who may be scared or discouraged from altering the settings that keep them safe online.

That won’t be a problem anymore with the Google Play store finally getting up to speed.

Online gambling companies will certainly be thrilled with the opportunity to get their products into more hands than ever before.

Google Play store gambling rules

This is a big step in the right direction, but the change isn’t going to happen overnight.

Gambling apps will have to go through an application process before Google will let them in on the action. Part of that process will be making sure that gambling companies follow certain rules such as:

  • Developer must have a valid gambling license
  • App must prevent under-age users from gambling
  • App must be free to download and install
  • Must be rated AO (Adult Only)
  • App must clearly display responsible gambling information

Companies also have to fall in line with the gambling laws of states that they want to operate in. In Indiana, that means no online casino apps.

Indiana online casinos 2021

Since online gambling companies have to follow local state laws, that means Indiana residents won’t see online casino apps in the Google Play store.

However, that might be changing soon thanks to a new bill from Sen. Jon Ford.

The state senator’s bill would legalize online casinos throughout Indiana. In other words, Hoosiers would be able to play games like blackjack and poker from the comfort of their homes.

The bill could pass during the state’s current legislative session, which runs for the next few months. That makes for incredible timing given the Google Play store changes.

By the time that online casinos would be up and running, Android users will have already had access to gambling apps for a number of months. That will help make for a successful launch if the apps do make their way to Indiana soon.

Of course, there’s no way to know how the bill’s fate will play out yet. Until then, check back in with PlayIndiana for the latest online casino news in the state.

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