Hoosier Lottery Pays Out $1.8 Million To Fix Vendor Error

Posted on April 25, 2022

The Hoosier Lottery has been issuing refunds for players who bought faulty Golden Jackpot tickets last month.

So far, those refunds have added up to almost $1.8 million. If every gambler who bought a ticket ends up getting a refund, that total could balloon up to over $3 million.

Hoosier Lottery refunds

Over 600 Hoosier Lottery players purchased defective Golden Jackpot tickets back in March.

The tickets mistakenly showed that every gambler had won a $5,000 prize. That was thanks to an error from IGT, the Hoosier Lottery’s vendor.

When gamblers went to redeem their “winning tickets,” they found that their prizes were not showing up in the lottery’s online system.

The tickets couldn’t be validated in the Hoosier Lottery’s app. That obviously led to frustrations from players who thought they were going home with a nice chunk of change.

The Hoosier Lottery is making things right, but the cost is starting to add up for the mistake.

420 different gamblers have filed claims over the tickets so far. Most of those lotto players received their money after a handful of weeks.

Over 200 Hoosiers that bought the faulty Golden Jackpot tickets still need to send in their claims. Thankfully, those gamblers have until Sept. 16 to get that process started.

How to submit Golden Jackpot claim

If you’re looking to submit a claim for one of those $5,000 payouts, then you have a couple of different options to get started.

First and foremost, you can send in your claim by mail.

That might be the easiest way to get the ball rolling, although you might end up having to go through a security screening call before you can get your money.

The second option for Golden Jackpot ticket owners is to visit a Hoosier Lottery claim office. There’s one in Indianapolis, Mishawaka and Evansville, so you have a few different options around the state.

You’ll need to fill out a winner claim form regardless of which way your choose to submit your request. You can find all of the information you need directly on the Hoosier Lottery’s website.

There’s even a recovery option for gamblers who threw away their ticket, so be sure to check in for your $5,000 if you purchased one of the faulty lottery tickets.

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