Better Odds, Promotions Coming To Indiana Retail Sportsbook With IGT’s Latest Move

Posted on August 28, 2020 - Last Updated on September 3, 2020

International Game Technology (IGT) is expanding its PlaySports platform.

PlaySports helps run a number of retail and online sportsbooks around the country.

To help with those efforts, the company is adding a new oddsmaking team in Las Vegas.

New trading team

The more expanding IGT does in the US, the more workers it needs.

Its new full-service trading team will help the company with that expansion.

The new team of oddsmakers will specifically serve IGT’s US customers.

Having around-the-clock attention in the odds department will improve the user experience for all the PlaySports sportsbooks.

Better odds are a good thing for everyone involved. The sportsbooks themselves get more accurate pricing, and gamblers get to enjoy the new types of bets those odds can bring.

PlaySports will be using its trading team to create new promotions, parlays and other types of betting options that will be exclusive to the sportsbooks it works with.

Since sportsbooks are constantly looking for a leg up, exclusive betting options are always a nice addition.

According to Enrico Drago, IGT PlayDigital’s senior vice president, adding a trading team will help PlaySports become a one-stop-shop for sportsbooks in need.

“IGT’s in-house, US-based trading team enhances the appeal of the entire PlaySports offering and enables us to deliver an “all-in-one” solution for operators seeking a single sports betting service provider.”

Right now, a lot of sportsbooks will pay for different services from different companies. It may pay one company for its odds, another one for the use of its platform and so on.

PlaySports wants to offer all of those services at once. Putting everything under one roof will make things easier for the sportsbooks that are in the market for some outside help.

FanDuel partnership

One of PlaySports and IGT’s clients is FanDuel, which is the second most popular sportsbook in Indiana.

PlaySports has been working with FanDuel for some time now. FanDuel recently decided to extend that partnership through 2024.

The deal between the two companies covers online casino games. After all, you can’t be a one-stop-shop in the gambling world without that side of the business.

The games IGT’s PlayCasino promotes will be front and center at FanDuel’s online casino.

However, Indiana doesn’t have a regulated online casino market yet.

When the Hoosier State eventually brings online casinos into the fold, FanDuel and IGT will be eager to get in on the action.

Additionally, PlaySports and IGT run all of FanDuel’s retail sportsbooks.

For example, in Indiana, PlaySports powers the Blue Chip Casino’s book in Michigan City.

FanDuel and PlaySports are working together across nine different states right now, but that number will go up as FanDuel continues to expand.

PlaySports’ new trading team will be in the middle of the action at all those retail sportsbooks.

With more accurate and up to date odds than ever before, FanDuel and the rest of PlaySports’ customers are getting a big upgrade.

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