Indiana Casino Capacity Now Up To Local Governments

Posted on April 29, 2021

Indiana casinos have a new set of pandemic safety rules to follow.

The Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) provides updates on the state’s COVID protocols every month.

The last set of rules was going to expire on May 1.

The IGC got ahead of the ball here by releasing the new set of requirements a few days early.

This latest batch will last until at least June 1.

Local governments can set Indiana casino occupancy

Under the new set of safety rules, local governments can decided how many gamblers can enter a casino at once.

Earlier in the pandemic, there was a blanket occupancy level set for the entire state.

That changed a few months ago once Indiana started changing regulations based on each casino’s county.

It’s all up to local health departments now.

However, the IGC still requires some approval for special events.

If there’s going to be a large crowd gathering, then casinos will need special permission from the gaming commission.

Casinos have to run it past the local health department first, and then send it up the pipeline to the IGC for special approval.

Casinos still require masks

You’ll still need your mask if you plan on visiting a casino in Indiana.

Indiana no longer has a statewide mask requirement. Gov. Holcomb eased up on that rule by turning it into a mask advisory earlier this month.

Despite the changeup, the IGC is still requiring masks inside of casinos for the time being.

Frequent gamblers are probably familiar with the exceptions to that rule.

You can remove your mask if you’re actively smoking or drinking at a slot machine, or if you’re doing the same while seated at a restaurant.

Social distancing at Indiana casinos remains

Casinos throughout the Hoosier State will continue to enforce social distancing rules.

In other words, don’t be surprised when every other slot machine at your local spot is taped off.

Social distancing will still be a major part of your casino experience in Indiana.

Table games are the exception to that rule.

There IGC no longer has player caps for table games.

If there’s an open spot at the blackjack table then feel free to take a seat, even if it’s right next to another gambler.

That will be the case for at least the next month, but things might be changing over the summer.

Final set of pandemic Indiana casino rules?

The fresh set of coronavirus safety requirements will be in effect until at least June 1.

The IGC will revaluate things as that date approaches.

At some point, the state is going to receive its final update from the gaming commission.

The timing of that final update will likely depend on how the state’s vaccination efforts are going.

Over half of Indiana’s population has received at least one vaccination dose so far.

If the numbers keep soaring at their current rate, it won’t be long before the IGC removes the pandemic safety rules entirely.

That rollback could be coming in the next month or two, or it might stretch out until later this fall.

There’s no way to know for sure when the requirements will ease up, but we’ll get our next glimpse into the future when the IGC releases another new set of rules in late May.

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