Indiana Gaming Commission Gives Thumbs Up To Gatorade And Other Super Bowl Prop Bets

Posted on January 14, 2020

When it comes to the Big Game, Indiana sports bettors are going to have more to bet on than what takes place on the field.

The Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) recently approved a list of Super Bowl prop bets Indiana sportsbooks can take bets on. From the coin toss to the Gatorade celebration, there are plenty of options.

Prop bets allowed by Indiana Gaming Commission

The IGC posted the full list of approved props for Super Bowl betting on its website. They are as follows:

  • Coin toss outcome
  • Player to correctly call the coin toss
  • Team to win the coin toss and game
  • Will there be a flea flicker?
  • Color of Gatorade shower
  • Who will Super Bowl MVP thank first?
  • Player X to retire after the game

These bets are brand-new for Indiana, but last year New Jersey sportsbooks offered several of the same bets. DraftKings NJ featured bets on whether Rob Gronkowski or Tom Brady would retire. FanDuel Sportsbook accepted wagers on the color of the Gatorade.

Some of these appear to be completely new for the US market, like the player to call the coin toss correctly.

Be advised that, while these bets are going to be available, you won’t be able to bet the house on them. Markets like these are generally restricted to no more than a couple hundred dollars. Sportsbooks view them as a fun addition to the regular betting menu, where bettors will be able to get down bigger bets.

The Super Bowl plays out on Sunday, Feb. 2 on FOX. The game kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET, but betting on the game is already well underway at all the sportsbooks in Indiana.

Indiana proving to be a cutting-edge betting market

The Hoosier State may have a national reputation as a conservative place, but when it comes to sports betting that is not true. Some states. like West Virginia and Pennsylvania, remain very strict about only betting on sporting events. Indiana, on the other hand, is willing to try out new betting markets

The IGC previously approved betting on all the major sports league drafts. Now, with these Super Bowl props, the state is setting itself apart as one of the more adventurous betting jurisdictions in the country.

Many jurisdictions, including Nevada, are reticent to accept these kinds of wagers for fear of collusion and cheating. Obviously, there are people at the Super Bowl game who can figure out the color of the Gatorade ahead of time. With that in mind, Nevada and others don’t want to get involved with these bets. Indiana and New Jersey represent a new mindset around sports betting; take the wagers on these, but keep the betting limits small.

Will new sportsbooks launch in time for the Big Game?

One thing you can’t bet on is whether or not any more online sportsbooks will launch in Indiana before Super Bowl Sunday. More than one operator promised a pre-Super Bowl launch. However, we are now less than a month from the big day and there are still only four operators.

These new props aren’t exactly going to spur the action that pushes books to launch tomorrow. Missing out on the biggest wagering day of the year is something that operators do have in mind. Gatorade bets or not, there will be a push to get more Indiana betting apps up and running with so much money to be made on Feb. 2.

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