Indiana Gamblers Win Christmas Cash From $600,000 In Lottery Prizes

Posted on December 1, 2021

A pair of Indiana gamblers just won two massive lottery prizes. They’ll be heading into the Christmas season with their heads held high.

One gambler won $50,000 from Saturday’s Powerball drawing. The other purchased a winning ticket for the $578,500 CA$H 5 jackpot.

Half million dollar ticket purchased in Carmel

If you bought a CA$H 5 ticket from the Meijer on Carmel Drive, then it’s time to check your numbers.

Someone owns the winning ticket from Friday’s CA$H 5 drawing. The jackpot is worth a whopping $578,500.

The odds of winning the big prize? 1 in 1,221,759. That’s an incredibly lucky win that came just in time for some holiday shopping.

The winning numbers for the drawing were 3-4-18-33-35.

If you’re the big jackpot winner, then take some time to get your affairs in order. Keep your ticket in a safe place and consider meeting with a financial advisor.

Indiana wins the most Powerball prizes

The overall Powerball odds to win a prize are about 1 in 25.

However, Saturday’s winning ticket matched four of the five numbers, plus the Powerball. The winning numbers for the drawing were 8-32-55-64-66, with a Powerball value of 10.

That’s a much more difficult win to pull off.

The odds for that type of ticket shoot all the way up to 1 in 913,130. Not exactly an everyday find.

The Powerball winner hasn’t claimed the $50,000 prize yet, but a gambler purchased the rare ticket at a Jay C Food Store in Columbus.

Hoosiers love Powerball tickets. In fact, Indiana gamblers have won the Powerball jackpot 39 different times.

That’s easily the most wins for any state in the US. Missouri has the second-most wins with 31, followed by Minnesota’s 22 winners.

Plenty of gamblers claim lottery prizes in Indiana, and the Powerball is one of the most popular games.

Record year for the Hoosier Lottery

The Hoosier Lottery is coming off of a record year.

The fiscal year 2021 brought in a colossal $1.74 billion worth of revenue. That was a 26% increase from 2020’s $1.38 billion haul.

Since Christmas is right around the corner, that means that the Hoosier Lottery is focusing on its holiday games.

Those games were a big part of last year’s success, so the lottery is hoping for a similar level of popularity this time around.

Scratch-off tickets are generally the most popular option for gamblers in Indiana. Those tickets accounted for almost 80% of that $1.74 billion in revenue.

The Hoosier Lottery is expecting a drop in those massive numbers during the current budget period.

Despite that, the recent records still demonstrate just how much Hoosiers love playing the lotto. Gamblers love a chance to win big money, and last weekend’s Powerball and CA$H 5 wins are just two more examples of that.

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