Indiana Bettors Putting Faith, Money On Manning-Woods Team To Win

Posted on May 22, 2020

Memorial Day weekend is bringing some sports icons together for charity.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic stopped the sports world in its tracks, fans have been itching for events to watch.

Things are slowly starting to pick back up. Although some sports, like the UFC and NASCAR, are getting back at it, fans of other traditional sports are craving more options.

The Match: Champions for Charity is here to provide exactly that. The goal is to raise money for COVID-19 relief, too.

It’s round two of Tiger Woods versus Phil Mickelson, picking up where the duo left off after their last head-to-head match in 2018.

However, this time around, there are teammates in the mix. Woods and Colts legend Peyton Manning will be teaming up to tackle Mickelson and quarterback Tom Brady.

The event will take place on Sunday, May 25. It will air live on TNT.

You can bet on the match using Indiana’s online sportsbooks. There are plenty of options to help make

Betting on Tiger vs. Phil round two with DraftKings

DraftKings has the most options by far for the match.

For starters, Woods and Manning are the favorites to win the match at -186. Mickelson and Brady are the +160 underdogs.

Additionally, there are all sorts of prop bets available to wagerers.

One of those options is betting on which team will be the first to lead by one stroke. Right now, Woods and Manning are the -150 favorites, with Mickelson and Manning trailing at +120.

If you’re feeling good about their chances to nail a hole-in-one, you can bet on that, too. However, it’s a long shot at +5,000.

If you’re not quite as ambitious as hole-in-one bettors, there are still other options from which to pick.

For example, the golfers are at +375 odds to shoot an eagle in the tournament. None of them snagging one is the -500 favorite.

You can also bet on which holes you think will decide the match. Here are a few options from DraftKings:

  • 14th hole or earlier: +300
  • Holes 15-17:+110
  • 18th hole or extra holes: +175

FanDuel, BetRivers and Peyton Manning-specific bets

If you’re looking to get even more specific, FanDuel has you covered. The sportsbook will let you bet on the exact match-finishing hole.

  • Hole 18 or later: +130
  • Hole 17: +300
  • Hole 16: +340
  • Hole 15: +550
  • Hole 14: +900
  • Hole 13: +2,000
  • Hole 12: +5,000
  • Hole 11: +10,000

FanDuel will also let you bet on which golfer will be the closest to the pin after the tee shot. That option is available for several different holes, but here’s how the odds are looking for the fourth hole:

  • Tiger Woods: +125
  • Phil Mickelson: +140
  • Peyton Manning: +650
  • Tom Brady: +800

That kind of bet also breaks down into more specific head-to-head versions. That’s because Manning and Brady are obviously not on the same level as professional golfers like Woods and Mickelson.

So sticking with the fourth hole here, Manning is the -160 favorite to be closer to the pin than Brady after the tee shot. Brady is sitting at +130 odds.

BetRivers also has some special betting options that are specific to Peyton Manning.

For example, Manning is at +900 to claim a birdie on the first hole. He’s at -2,500 to need some extra strokes.

Other first hole options include things like whether or not Manning will end up green in regulation. He’s at +110 to pull it off, and -137 to fall short.

What golf bets have been popular?

According to FanDuel, Indiana has been the outlier when it comes to betting on the event. That’s because Hoosiers are betting on Peyton Manning.

Indiana is the only state to have more money wagered on Woods and Manning’s team. Across the country, 66% of the money wagered at FanDuel is on Mickelson and Brady.

Indiana bettors also have faith in Woods and Manning to lead after nine holes. A whopping 95% of the wagers are backing them.

The most popular bet at FanDuel for the match is on which team will win the first hole. So far, 55% of the handle has gone toward Woods and Manning, with 16% toward Mickelson and Brady and 29% toward both teams being tied.

Sportsbook promotions for The Match

FanDuel has been pumping out a few different promotions that are specific to the event.

For example, if you place a $50 bet on one of the teams to win the tournament before it starts, you’ll earn $5 in site credit for every birdie or eagle that the quarterback on that team makes.

There are also some odds boosts available for the event.

Manning’s team to win the first hole was boosted to +330, after originally coming out at +270. At first, both Brady and Manning were at +275 odds to be the closest to the pin on hole eight. Now, those odds have been boosted up to +340.

DraftKings has a promotion for the tournament. If you place $20 worth of bets on the match, you’ll get $20 to use on live wagers for the rest of the event.

Those are just a few options from a few of Indiana’s sportsbooks.

There are plenty of other options out there, though even more may appear leading up to Sunday. Check-in with your favorite sportsbook to see the available options.

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