How to Bet on Sports in Indiana From Out of State

Many people who live in states that haven’t yet launched legal sports betting make the trip to nearby states to place their wagers. That’s the case with out-of-state Indiana sports betting.

Legal sports betting remains elusive for residents of:

  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Ohio

Even though Illinois has legalized it, there’s no timetable for when it will actually go live.

Fortunately for residents of any state, you don’t have to be a legal Indiana resident to get in on the action. If you’re of legal age and have a way to get inside the state’s borders, you can place a bet.

What you need to know about out-of-state Indiana sports betting

Visitors (and residents) to Indiana, over the age of 21, can place a wager from anywhere in the state on one of Indiana’s online sportsbooks. Simply cross the state line and you can log in to your online betting account.

Bettors looking for a game-day experience can head to one of the state’s licensed sportsbooks to place their bets.

To register to place a bet, you will have to prove your age and identity. Any government-issued ID like a driver’s license or a passport will do. The identifying document does not have to be issued by Indiana.

The minimum age to place a bet is 21. The sportsbook will likely ask for your social security number as well. Don’t be alarmed, the sportsbook does that for tax purposes.

The vast majority of gambling winnings, including sports betting payouts, are taxable income. Even if your state of legal residence doesn’t have an income tax, your winnings are likely still taxable in the opinion of the IRS.

While you aren’t required to provide your social security number to place a bet, it makes the process much easier come tax time if you do. That applies to both land-based and mobile sports betting.

Now that you know what you will need to register to place a bet in Indiana, it’s time to figure out which sportsbook you will visit. While some bettors may already have a preference for a certain casino, others might just be interested in the book closest to them.

Indiana sportsbooks and proximity to other states

The state currently has 13 sportsbooks in several different locations, with more planned for launches in the coming months.

The locations vary between casinos, racinos, and off-track betting sites, with some locations are a shorter drive for some out-of-state bettors than others.

The Illinois-Indiana border stretches for quite a while, so which Indiana casino is closest for Illinois residents depends on which part of Illinois they live in.

Closest Indiana sportsbooks for Chicago residents

For Chicagoans and others in the northern part of the state, there are several Indiana casinos and off-track betting site choices:

  • Horseshoe Hammond Casino (00:29 drive time): 777 Casino Center Dr., Hammond
  • Ameristar Casino (0:42 drive time): 777 Ameristar Blvd., East Chicago
  • Blue Chip Casino (1:42 drive time): 777 Blue Chip Dr., Michigan City

Although the Four Winds South Bend is also in the northern part of Indiana, it does not yet have a sportsbook. That may change in the future but currently, there are no plans.

The Majestic Star Casino also currently does not operate a sportsbook. It will be relocating to Gary and then re-branding as the Hard Rock Casino. When that happens, it will operate a sportsbook.

Closest Indiana sportsbooks for Detroit residents

Those same books will be of closest proximity to people in western Ohio cities like Toledo or southern Michigan cities like Detroit.

  • Blue Chip Casino (3:42 drive time): 777 Blue Chip Dr., Michigan City
  • Ameristar Casino (4:14 drive time): 777 Ameristar Blvd., East Chicago
  • Horseshoe Hammond Casino (4:23 drive time): 777 Casino Center Dr., Hammond

Closest Indiana sportsbooks for Columbus residents

For those in Columbus, Ohio and other parts of the Buckeye State, there are closer options.

  • Hoosier Park Racing & Casino (3:04 drive time): 4500 Dan Pitch Cir., Anderson
  • Indiana Grand Casino (3:10 drive time): 4300 N. Michigan Rd., Shelbyville

Closest Indiana sportsbooks for St. Louis residents

There are more options closer to those who live in St. Louis, Missouri and the southern part of Illinois. Those include:

  • French Lick Casino (3:49 drive time): 8670 W State Rd 56, French Lick
  • Horseshoe Southern Indiana (4:06 drive time): 11999 Casino Center Dr., Elizabeth

Closest Indiana sportsbooks for Louisville residents

For those who live in Louisville, Kentucky and other parts of the Bluegrass State, other options can be more convenient. Those include:

  • Belterra Casino (1:13 drive time): 777 Belterra Dr., Florence
  • Rising Star Casino (1:41 drive time): 777 Rising Star Dr., Rising Sun

Online sports betting in Indiana makes location a moot point

Proximity to a physical sportsbook won’t matter when mobile betting goes live. When that happens, anyone physically located anywhere within the state’s borders will be able to place a bet at and Indiana online sportsbook as long as they are of age and registered with the sportsbook.

If you take a step outside of Indiana’s borders, the software won’t let you place a bet. The geo-tracking on the apps and websites is that precise.

Until then, these sportsbooks are the best bets for out-of-state bettors. There’s no need to wait for Illinois to go live or Kentucky, Michigan or Ohio to pass new laws. You can get in on the action in Indiana now.