Powerball Adds Extra Weekly Drawing Starting In August

Posted on July 19, 2021

Powerball will be adding a third weekly drawing later this year.

Starting on Aug. 23, you’ll have another shot at winning a life-changing jackpot every week.

The new drawings will take place on Mondays, in addition to the existing pulls every Wednesday and Saturday.

Lucky Indiana Powerball history

Indiana has a lucky history when it comes to winning the Powerball.

Hoosiers have won Powerball jackpots more times than residents of any other state. Indiana has 39 jackpots under its belt, with Missouri in second place at 31.

Now that the Powerball is moving to three drawings a week, there will be more chances than ever for Hoosiers to bump that number up to 40.

Powerball Double Play” will also make its Indiana debut in August, along with the new drawing.

A Double Play ticket will cost $1 extra compared to your average Powerball ticket.

The Hoosier Lottery is adding the game to help give gamblers a second chance at winning some money.

Like the name suggests, a Double Play ticket puts your numbers in the running for two different Powerball drawings.

The first drawing is for the regular jackpot, and the second is for a smaller $10 million pool.

Record year for Hoosier Lottery

There are tons of lottery games in Indiana, but scratch-offs have been the state’s favorite.

Back in May, the State Lottery Commission gave an update on how sales were going. In short, the Hoosier Lottery was on track for a record year.

Scratch-off sales were leading the charge with a 27% year-over-year increase. Powerball and Mega Millions sales also had a 19% bump.

The 2021 fiscal year should be bigger than ever thanks to a boost from the pandemic. When society shut down due to coronavirus, Indiana’s casinos closed and online sports betting came to a halt.

Lottery tickets became the only way left to gamble in Indiana, so the revenue boost wasn’t an unexpected one.

Annual revenue report coming soon

The Hoosier Lottery’s 2021 fiscal year just wrapped up at the end of June.

Before long, the lottery commission will release the annual report for how things went in Indiana.

The report will disclose which lottery games did the best last year. It will also include some more details about revenue numbers for games like Powerball.

Revenue might have soared over the past year, but the Hoosier Lottery isn’t expecting that to continue during the new fiscal year. It’s planning for an 8% drop in sales over the course of the next 12 months.

There’s no way to know the future for sure, but 2021’s annual report will at least give the lottery a benchmark to work off of.

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