Purdue Boilermakers Ready For More Of Moore in 2019

Posted on August 29, 2019 - Last Updated on February 12, 2021

The story of the Big Ten often revolves around Michigan or Ohio State. The Purdue Boilermakers, however, are making noise with talented players like sophomore wide receiver Rondale Moore and the 2020 Purdue College Football Playoff odds are proof of that.

Moore could be even more dangerous this season. The young defensive line from last season is more experienced.

2019 could be the year the Boilermakers make the college football conversation about them. Indiana Sportsbooks are cautious about that, however.

2020 Purdue College Football Playoff odds offseason recap

The biggest news from the offseason may have been head coach Jeff Brohm‘s extension. Brohm is now the third highest-paid in the Big Ten.

That type of salary carries expectations, however. It looks like Brohm has the team to deliver, though.

Purdue did suffered several losses from last year’s offensive line that beat three ranked opponents, including its:

  • Starting quarterback
  • Leading rusher
  • Two starting wide receivers
  • Three starters

Brohm shouldn’t be bothered, however.

Moore, who as a freshman racked up over 2,000 all-purpose yards, has a year of experience under his belt now. Fifth-year quarterback Elijah Sindelar has all the arm necessary to make Moore shine again.

The Boilermakers’ defense is the opposite of their offense in that it’s nothing but familiar faces on the roster. Even fifth-year linebacker Markus Bailey, who racked up 115 tackles as a senior, is back to play with Moore.

The question now becomes whether Purdue can translate all the talent into double-digit wins. As previously mentioned, sportsbooks aren’t yet convinced.

Breaking down the 2020 Purdue College Football Playoff odds

Legal sports betting in Indiana starts Sept. 1. While that’s two days after the Boilermakers begin their 2019 season at Nevada, the advantage is that Hoosier bettors will have had a chance to see Purdue play before they place bets.

Las Vegas has the Boilermakers 500/1 to win the 2020 College Football Playoff. Other sportsbooks, some of which will be operating at Indiana casinos soon, have long odds on the same.

  • DraftKings +50000
  • FanDuel +20000
  • PointsBet +25000
  • William Hill +50000

DraftKings and Sugarhouse list odds on Purdue being selected as one of the four playoff teams. The current line is +12500 at both books.

A Big Ten title is a crucial resume piece for the Boilermakers to be considered. Sportsbooks are similarly unoptimistic about Purdue getting Moore to that stage.

Other Purdue futures: Big Ten championship and win total

If the Boilermakers add consistent execution to their talent, a Big Ten title is within reach and that would shock oddsmakers. DraftKings and Sugarhouse have the best line on Purdue winning the Big Ten championship game at +5000 right now.

To win that game, the Boilermakers obviously need to play in it. That requires winning the Big Ten West division, a bet which FanDuel Sportsbook has the best odds on currently. That line rests at +600.

There is a strong consensus between books on Purdue’s win expectancy. Most books have the Boilermakers winning seven games in 2019 and the best action is on the over. DraftKings and Sugarhouse have a slightly better line than the competition right now at +110.

More than seven wins could be enough to win the Big Ten West. Getting to the Big Ten title game would provide a bigger stage for Moore. That would affect another bet.

Moore’s Heisman candidacy according to the books

Any time a true freshman has the impact Moore did, helping his team beat Ohio State by over four touchdowns in 2018, it creates a well-deserved buzz for the next season.

Vegas lists Moore as a respectable Heisman candidate at 40/1. DraftKings and Sugarhouse have the best line on Moore winning the Heisman elsewhere at +8000.

Whether or not Moore has his name called at that award ceremony, he is sure to have his name repeated by game announcers many times this season.

Hoosier State bettors who put money down on the Boilermakers are certainly ready for more Moore in 2019.

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