Which Sportsbook Brands Could Open Online Casinos In Indiana?

Posted on January 19, 2023

If Indiana legalizes online casinos, then many of the state’s sportsbooks will be looking to get into that side of the business.

Some of them already have internet casinos up and running in other markets around the country. Those companies will also rush to take bets in Indiana if given the opportunity.

A new Indiana online casino bill is hoping to open that door. If things go well, then many of the state’s online sportsbooks will also become the state’s online casinos.

Double dipping in sportsbooks and casinos

Gambling companies in the US don’t limit themselves to one form of betting. If a company operates an online sportsbook, then chances are, they also have an online casino.

However, there are only a handful of states that allow internet casinos to operate. That leaves these companies with limited options for where to launch their products.

Online casinos are incredibly profitable, and they have enormous potential in Indiana as well. Because of that, the state’s sportsbooks will be rushing to open their internet casinos in Indiana if they become legal.

Many of the state’s most recognizable gambling brands would open online casinos in the Hoosier State. That list includes companies such as:

  • DraftKings Casino
  • FanDuel Casino
  • Caesars Casino
  • BetMGM Casino
  • BetRivers Casino

Since these brands are already operating in Indiana, expanding into the virtual casino world likely be a simple process. Their internet casinos already exist in other states, so they won’t have to build a new product from the ground up to open for business in Indiana.

Other brands to keep an eye on

Another name to keep in mind would be Golden Nugget Casino.

The company doesn’t have its sportsbook taking bets in Indiana, but its casino brand is a popular option in other states. If Indiana makes internet casinos available, expect Golden Nugget to be one of the first companies in line to get in on the action.

It’s also likely that Bally Bet Casino will also make an appearance at some point down the line.

The sportsbook arm of Bally’s is already open for business, but the company is new to the internet casino world. Bally’s is currently developing a casino product to launch in other states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, and that will likely make its way to Indiana at some point as well.

The company already owns Bally’s Casino Evansville, so this would be an expansion of the brand’s presence in Indiana.

This certainly isn’t the complete list of online casinos that could eventually open in Indiana, but rather a handful of the bigger names that Hoosiers might recognize. Indiana online casinos are an incredible opportunity, so plenty of other companies will be looking to take bets in Indiana as time goes on.

Indiana online casino bill receives its first reading

Of course, Indiana’s sportsbooks can’t open their online casino divisions if the state doesn’t legalize them first.

Rep. Ethan Manning filed the new casino bill last week, but things are still in the early stages.

HB 1536 just received its first reading in the state’s House of Representatives today.

From there, the bill will be heard in the state’s Public Policy Committee on Jan. 24. That will get the ball rolling for the legislative process, so things will start moving in the near future.

Indiana has 13 online sportsbooks operating in the state, and many of them will open online casinos if the state legalizes them. It all depends on how things go for Indiana’s casino bill, so gamblers around the state will be keeping a close eye on the bill’s progress.

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