Get A Little Lucky Betting On Unlucky 13 And The Pacers In The NBA Lottery

Posted on June 22, 2021 - Last Updated on March 20, 2024

The future starts today for the bottom half of the NBA’s teams. The NBA Draft Lottery is taking place tonight at 8:30 p.m. on ESPN.

The draft itself isn’t until late July, but the lottery will reveal which teams will have the top picks.

Indiana Pacers fans have a horse in this race for the first time since 2015.

You can already bet on NBA games in Indiana, and, this year, you can bet on the lottery too. That gives fans a chance to wager on Indiana’s future tonight.

Pacers NBA Draft Lottery odds

The Indiana Pacers picked up a few familiar names during their last few trips to the draft lottery.

The team drafted Myles Turner thanks to its last lottery trip six years ago. Before that, the team’s 2010 lottery pick turned into Paul George.

Since the NBA’s lottery system is the same every year, we know more or less where Indiana’s pick will come out at.

The Pacers have a 92.9% chance of getting the 13th overall pick, a 2.3% chance at 14 and a 4.7% chance of sneaking into the top four. Those are the only picks that the team could end up with tonight.

Just for the sake of fun, PlayIndiana simulated this year’s draft lottery 100 times. The Pacers landed the 13th pick in 97 of those simulations, with those final three spots falling in the top four.

The Pacers have a 1% chance at the first overall pick, which is obviously not looking great for fans.

Things might look grim, but hey, a slim chance is still a chance.

After all, the Cleveland Cavaliers only had a 1.7% chance to win the lottery when they came out on top in 2014. The Chicago Bulls had a 1.7% chance at number one back in 2008, and that pick turned into MVP Derrick Rose.

Pacers fans will be hoping for that kind of luck tonight when the ping pong balls get moving.

NBA Draft Lottery betting odds

Indiana’s online betting apps are jumping at the chance to take NBA Draft Lottery wagers in Indiana.

You can bet on which team will win the top pick, as well as which teams will make the top four.

However, this is definitely a bettors beware situation if you plan on putting money down on the Pacers. Since the team has such a slim chance at the top picks, their odds are obviously longshots.

Despite that, maybe you’re feeling good about Indiana’s chances. Maybe you’d rather bet on a different team altogether.

DraftKings has wagering on all the lottery teams, regardless of your favorite squad. Here’s a quick look at those betting odds:

To Win 1st PickTo Land in Top Four
Detroit Pistons+550Yes -122, No +100
Houston Rockets+550Yes -122, No +100
Orlando Magic+550Yes -122, No +100
Cleveland Cavaliers+700Yes +110, No -137
Oklahoma City Thunder+700Yes +110, No -137
Minnesota Timberwolves+900Yes +155, No -200
Toronto Raptors+1,100Yes +195, No -250
Chicago Bulls+2,000Yes +350, No -500
New Orleans Pelicans+2,000Yes +350, No -500
Sacramento Kings+2,000Yes +350, No -500
Charlotte Hornets+5,000Yes +1,000, No -2,500
San Antonio Spurs+5,000Yes +1,000, No -2,500
Indiana Pacers+9,000Yes +1,800, No -10,000
Golden State Warriors+15,000Yes, +3,500, No N/A

It’ll be tough to win a Pacers bet, but there are still other teams out there with less predictable outcomes.

If you already plan on watching the NBA Draft Lottery, then betting on the event could be a fun twist to add to your night.

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