How To Bet On The NFL Draft At Indiana Sportsbooks

Posted on April 22, 2021 - Last Updated on March 20, 2024

The NFL Draft is a chance to inject some hope into a team’s fanbase.

No franchise wants to find itself at the bottom of the barrel, but when a season goes south, at least snagging a top pick can soften the blow.

This year’s NFL Draft will run from April 29 to May 1.

You can catch the action starting at 8 p.m. on ESPN, ABC and NFL Network.

Betting on the NFL Draft is nothing new for Indiana gamblers.

Last year’s draft was the first one that you could bet on in Indiana. That gave Hoosiers something new to take a swing at.

Once again, Indiana online sportsbooks will be taking action on the entire event.

FanDuel NFL Draft betting odds

Gamblers have a ton of options when it comes to betting on the NFL Draft.

Betting on the top picks in the draft is one of the most straightforward choices.

However, the first overall pick is essentially a lock for this year’s event.

FanDuel has Trevor Lawrence as the insane -100,000 favorite to be taken off the board first.

For the sake of comparison, the sportsbook also had the same odds for Joe Burrow in last year’s draft.

Zach Wilson is also the heavy favorite to go second.

FanDuel has the former BYU quarterback at -5,000 to head to the New York Jets with that pick.

Betting on the third overall pick is where things get interesting.

Mac Jones has been the odds-on favorite at the three spot for months.

However, Justin Fields has been climbing the ranks over the past few weeks.

FanDuel’s latest odds have the duo facing off in what’s pretty much a toss-up for the third pick. Jones is still the -145 favorite, but Fields is right behind him at +165.

BetMGM draft position bets

If betting on specific picks isn’t your thing, then you can always wager on specific positions instead.

BetMGM has tons of position bets on the board.

For example, you can bet on which running back will end up being drafted first.

Here’s a quick look at those odds:

  • Najee Harris: -140
  • Travis Etienne: +165
  • Javonte Williams: +600
  • Michael Carter: +4,000
  • Kenneth Gainwell: +4,000

The full list of odds covers 22 different running backs, so you could bet on Khalil Herbert at +25,000 if you really wanted to.

Betting on linebackers, wide receivers, cornerbacks and other positions is also an option.

Gambling on the over/unders for the total number of players drafted at a certain position is available too.

The total for wide receivers drafted in the first round is set at 4.5. The betting total for safeties drafted is a lot lower at .5.

These are only a handful of the position-specific options out there for the NFL Draft.

BetMGM has a ton on the board, so feel free to browse around and find something that works best for you.

NFL Draft team betting with William Hill

Every NFL fan has a favorite team.

You can bet on your favorite squad in the NFL Draft, regardless of the team’s draft position.

William Hill features some team options that focus on both sides of the ball.

For example, you can bet on whether the first player that the Indianapolis Colts pick will be an offensive or a defensive player.

Offense is the -140 favorite right now with defense sitting at +110.

That type of wager is available for every NFL team, so you can still get in on the fun if you prefer betting on the Chicago Bears or any other team.

Looking to get even more specific? Then you can bet on the exact position of the first player to be drafted by a team.

Here’s a quick look at the odds for the Bears:

  • Offensive Lineman: +200
  • Wide Receiver: +275
  • Cornerback: +350
  • Quarterback: +425
  • Defensive Lineman: +1,800

Those odds go all the way up to +50,000 for the Bears to select a kicker with their first pick.

DraftKings NFL Draft prop betting

DraftKings has the widest selection of NFL Draft betting options available.

The sportsbook’s fun prop bets are some of the most unique draft options you can find.

Mr. Irrelevant is an NFL Draft tradition, but what position will the event’s final draftee play?

Offense is the -110 favorite, with defense sitting at +100. Kicker, punter, or long snapper is also an option at +1,100.

Another fun option is betting on how many Alabama players will be drafted in the first round.

The total for betting on that market is at over/under 5.5 right now.

What round will the first special teams player be drafted in? Will each of the first five picks be a quarterback?

DraftKings has all sorts of special props out there for the NFL Draft, so there’s something for everyone.

More betting options could come out closer to the draft, so check in with your favorite online sportsbook for the full list of options.

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