Multiple No-Brainer NFL Betting Promotions For Cowboys Vs. Buccaneers

Posted on September 7, 2021 - Last Updated on March 20, 2024

The NFL season kicks off this Thursday with the Dallas Cowboys facing off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Indiana online sportsbooks are ready for all of the Week 1 action.

There are all sorts of new NFL betting promotions out there that gamblers can use to make the most of this week’s games.

DraftKings Sportsbook NFL promotions

The Hoosier State’s most popular sportsbook is pumping out some fresh deals for the start of the NFL season.

DraftKings Indiana has a handful of new promotions worth keeping an eye on this week.

DraftKings Tampa Bay +73 No Brainer

Some sportsbook promotions are a great value, some are meant to attract new customers, and a small portion of promos fall into both categories. The latest deal from DraftKings is one of those few.

The company’s “Tampa Bay No Brainer” promotion is the closest thing to a guaranteed win that you’ll find.

The deal boosts Tampa Bay’s spread all the way up to an insane +73. The line was originally sitting at -8.

If you’re not familiar with spread betting, don’t worry, the concept is very simple.

As long as Tampa Bay doesn’t lose by 74 points, gamblers that use this deal will win their bet. Even if you’re not a huge football fan, you probably realize that losing by 74 points would be an absolutely gigantic margin.

This is essentially free money from DraftKings. The hope is that once you sign up and use the promotion, you might end up sticking around and using the app regularly.

There is a max bet for the promotion, but the cap differs from person to person.

Some will be able to place a bet worth up to $50, while others will be limited to lower amounts. You won’t know your max bet until you try to use the promotion, so head on over to DraftKings to get started.

DraftKings NFL bonus Parlay

DraftKings recently added same game parlays to its sportsbook app, and now the company is making the feature the focus of its new NFL promotion.

This deal is available for any of the Week 1 NFL games, so you can use it to wager on the Indianapolis Colts or any other team.

All you have to do to use the deal is opt-in under the “Promos” section of the DraftKings website or app.

Once you do, place a same game parlay wager on any NFL Week 1 game. If your bet loses, then DraftKings will refund you up to $25.

This offer is a great way to take out some of the risk in gambling. Miss the mark, and you’ll get some money back as site credit.

If you’ve never tried same game parlay wagering before, then this deal could be a good opportunity to give things a shot.

Caesars Sportsbook NFL promotions

Caesars is gearing up for its first NFL season since the sportsbook rebranded from William Hill.

The company has a pair of insane deals out there to make the start of this NFL season a memorable one. Both of these promotions are available for new and existing users, so anyone can get in on the fun.

Caesars NFL Opening Night Super Boost- Cowboys vs. Buccaneers

Millions of Americans will be tuning in to the Cowboys-Buccaneers game this Thursday.

The first game of the NFL season is always a big hit with fans eager for some football action.

Caesars Sportsbook plans to be front and center when it comes to offering the best deals for that game.

The first of its promotions is an insane boost for gamblers. Much like the +73 deal from DraftKings, this is basically a free win.

Right now, Caesars is offering an “Opening Night Super Boost” deal. If you use the promotion, you’ll win your bet as long as Tampa Bay scores at least one point.

That’s it! Just a single point. One field goal, touchdown, or safety and you win your bet.

It’s highly unlikely that Tom Brady and company won’t score a single point during the game. That’s what makes this such a fantastic deal for gamblers.

There is a max $50 bet for the promotion, but that’s still a phenomenal way to double your money without even really having to think about it.

Caesars Sportsbook free NFL jerseys

The second deal from Caesars is one of the more unique promotions that you’ll find from a sportsbook.

The company is giving out free authentic jerseys for fans that bet at least $100 on NFL games. Wager a cumulative $100 over the course of multiple bets, and Caesars will give you a $150 NFL Store gift card to buy a jersey of your choice.

This is a new approach for a betting app to take, but it’s one that will certainly intrigue fans in Indiana.

The only catch is that your wagers will have to have odds of at least -200 to qualify toward that $100 threshold. In other words, a bet of +100 would count for the deal, but betting on a heavy -400 favorite wouldn’t make the cut.

It’s also important to note that the Opening Night Super Boost does not count toward this NFL jersey promo. So if you bet the max $50 using that boost, don’t expect to be halfway to the $100 finish line for this promotion.

Despite the stipulations, this is still an unbelievable value for NFL fans.

If you’re betting on games already, then you might as well wager with Caesars to start the season. After all, why not get a free jersey out of it?

Make sure to sign up before Sept. 30 if you’re looking to use this promotion. You can find the deal under the “Promos” section of the Caesars Sportsbook app.

WynnBET Triple The Spread

Looking for even more Week 1 deals? WynnBET has you covered.

The sportsbook has its own promotion on the board for the first game of the NFL season.

The “Triple The Spread” promotion is exactly what it sounds like.

The Cowboys are sitting at +7.5 for their matchup against the Buccaneers. This deal boosts that value all the way up to +22.5.

In other words, if Dallas loses by 22 points or less, then you’ll win your bet.

Of course, you’ll also end up winning your bet if the Cowboys come out on top during the game.

The deal is a great value for spread bettors who were already looking to wager on the first game of the year.

All you have to do to use the deal is sign up for WynnBET Indiana. Once you do, opt-in under the “Promotions” section of the WynnBET app.

There’s a $20 max bet for this offer.

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