What To Know About The Latest Indy Eleven COVID Rules

Posted on June 9, 2021 - Last Updated on March 20, 2024

Indianapolis no longer has a mask mandate for vaccinated Hoosiers.

If you’ve had your shots, then you can remove you mask in public areas now.

The rule change marks the end of a year-long blanket mandate for Marion County.

With the summer months ahead, Indy Eleven, Indy Fuel and the Indianapolis Indians have plenty of action ahead.

The minor league trio could have some changes on the way thanks to the city’s rule shift.

Do you need masks at Indianapolis sports games?

There might not be a mask mandate, but everything is ultimately operating on the honor system.

There’s no way to know for sure if the person you see without a mask is actually fully vaccinated or not.

Because of that, businesses in the city still have the option of adding their own masks rules.

Since Indy’s minor league teams all play in different stadiums, they can all have unique sets of pandemic safety rules.

The Indians, Fuel and Indy Eleven are all keeping their mask rules in place. Each team set their safety policies before their respective seasons started, and it looks like they’re sticking with what they have for now.

All three teams have similar policies in place.

In a nutshell, everyone has to wear a mask unless they’re eating or drinking at a game.

That might be the case for now, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be changing in the near future.

The Indians and Indy Eleven are the most likely duo to make a change to their mask policies.

Both teams are early into their seasons, so a rule change in the near future wouldn’t be a shock.

The Fuel, on the other hand, will probably keep things as is.

The team is entering the postseason, so overhauling its safety policy isn’t as likely this late into the hockey calendar.

Can you bet on Indianapolis minor league teams?

Online Indiana sports betting has grown into a massive industry since its start back in 2019.

Hoosiers wagered over $236 million on sports during April 2021 alone.

A lot of the state’s growth has been due to the wide number of betting options available. You can bet on everything from football and basketball to more obscure events like darts and sailing.

Indiana hasn’t approved wagers on the East Coast Hockey League, so sportsbooks can’t offer odds on the Fuel even if they wanted to.

That’s different for the state’s other minor league teams.

The Indians are a Triple-A team, and the Indy Eleven play in the United Soccer League Championship Division. Sportsbooks can offer odds on both in Indiana.

However, don’t expect to see many options out there on your favorite Indiana online sports betting apps.

That may be changing soon, though. Recently, BetRivers partnered with Indy Eleven to become the team’s official sport betting partner.

The app’s logo will be featured on the players’ jerseys, and the sportsbook will sponsor the team’s post-game show on local television.

Betting on either team could make the experience more fun for fans attending games.

The partnership with BetRivers and Indy Eleven’s new stadium could also turn the heads of state’s biggest sportsbooks.

The $550 million “Eleven Park” project will build a 20,000 seat stadium for the team.

If the new stadium boosts fan engagement, it could lead to more betting options from the state’s bigger sports betting operators.

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