New Indy Eleven Stadium Could Make It Easier To Bet On The Team’s Games

Posted on February 24, 2023

Hoosiers have had access to legal sports betting for more than three years. At this point, sports fans in the state are familiar with their betting options.

Sportsbooks can offer odds on all the major leagues and events you would expect. Sports betting in Indiana even includes the state’s minor league teams such as Indy Eleven.

Indy Eleven’s new United Soccer League season begins March 11, with club friendlies starting Feb. 25.

Since the start of the season is right around the corner, fans around the state might wonder how to bet on the team’s games. Finding a sportsbook that will take your bets is difficult, but it should become easier thanks to the team’s new stadium in Indianapolis.

Indy Eleven soccer betting in Indiana

Soccer fans in Indiana have plenty of betting options these days. From college soccer to the Premier League, everything you’d expect is on the table.

The state’s list of approved betting options also includes United Soccer League Championship Division games. That league is the home of Indy Eleven, the minor league team based in Indianapolis.

Despite being on the approved list, betting on Indy Eleven games is easier said than done for fans in the Hoosier State.

Even with the start of a new season at hand, none of Indiana’s 13 online sportsbooks are currently offering odds for the team’s games. Futures markets are not available either for the league as a whole.

That’s due to a perceived lack of betting interest in minor league soccer.

Sportsbooks have only so many resources available, so if they don’t think it’s worth the effort, they won’t devote traders toward setting lines and taking bets on certain sports and leagues.

It shows that just because sportsbooks are allowed to offer odds on something doesn’t mean they actually will.

That’s a disappointing reality for fans who love soccer betting in Indiana. Indy Eleven fans recently lost their best hope for finding betting options for the team, so the situation isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

BetRivers no longer partners with Indy Eleven

If any sportsbook was going to make Indy Eleven betting available, it would have been BetRivers Indiana.

Indiana is a crowded market for the state’s sportsbooks, and companies are constantly looking for new ways to beat the competition.

One of the ways that BetRivers tried to make that happen was by signing a partnership agreement with Indy Eleven in 2021. If you’ve been to the team’s games recently, you might have noticed BetRivers signage around the field.

Since BetRivers was working with the team directly, the sportsbook app was the best chance for fans to place their Indy Eleven bets.

However, their partnership agreement does not include the 2023 season. The deal is up, and Indy Eleven has no other sportsbook partners. Betting on the team was already difficult, and that change could make it next to impossible.

That’s a tough spot for soccer bettors, but Indy Eleven’s new stadium deal could change that.

Eleven Park construction begins soon

Indy Eleven plays games at Michael A. Carroll Track & Soccer Stadium. It shares that facility with IUPUI.

That’s going to change for the team in the near future.

Eleven Park is a new development project downtown that’s about to build a new 20,000-seat stadium for the team. It will also be used for concerts and other events in Indianapolis. Construction on the project begins in May.

Once Eleven Park is complete, Indy Eleven could be an even bigger draw for sports fans in Indiana.

The attention could make it hard for the state’s sportsbooks to ignore the team. Hopefully, that will lead to Indy Eleven betting options becoming more common.

That will ring especially true if the new stadium helps the team jump to MLS action. Indiana’s sportsbooks routinely have plenty of MLS betting options available.

The future might look bright, but unfortunately, that doesn’t help would-be Indy Eleven bettors right now. Avid fans might be able to place bets on the 2023 season, but those hard-to-find markets will be a rarity for now.

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