Sportsbook Promotions To Check Out Before Betting On The NBA Finals

Posted on July 6, 2021 - Last Updated on March 20, 2024

This year’s NBA Finals will be one for the books.

The Phoenix Suns have never won an NBA Championship before. The Milwaukee Bucks haven’t done so since 1971.

A title would be incredibly meaningful for both cities, but even more so for the players themselves.

Chris Paul has spent the last 16 years hunting for a championship. He’s hoping to bring the young guys like Devin Booker along for the ride.

At 26, Giannis Antetokounmpo is a full decade younger than Paul. The two-time MVP plans to make this his first Finals trip of many.

Thankfully, you can bet on the NBA Finals using online sportsbooks in Indiana.

NBA Finals odds

The Suns are the favorites to win the NBA Championship right now.

The series line would be a lot closer if Antetokounmpo hadn’t injured his knee.

Giannis hurt his knee against the Atlanta Hawks when he landed awkwardly after a block attempt. He missed the final few games of the Conference Finals, and now he’s doubtful for the first game of the championship series.

Hopefully he’ll be able to return in time to play the rest of the series, but there’s no way to know for sure.

The series odds will shift if the Bucks announce that their MVP is back.


NBA Finals Game 1 odds

It’s no secret that Hoosiers love basketball. Indiana gamblers wagered over $82 million on the sport during just the month of May.

Betting on the NBA Finals will surely be a big hit in the state. That all starts with Game 1 tonight.

Since Giannis is doubtful for the first bout, the Bucks are the underdogs for this one.


DraftKings Suns odds boost

DraftKings has a special sportsbook promotion out there for the first game of the NBA Finals.

The deal is boosting Phoenix’s moneyline from -240 all the way up to +100. That makes this an incredible value for gamblers looking to shift the odds on a big favorite.

First thing’s first, you’ll have to sign up for DraftKings Indiana to take advantage of this deal.

Next, just opt-in to the odds boost under the “Promotions” section of the DraftKings website or app.

There’s a $25 max bet for this promo, but that’s still a great opportunity for fans who like Phoenix’s chances tonight.

FanDuel NBA Finals comeback bonus

No lead is ever safe in the three-point era of basketball.

Teams frequently dig themselves out of big deficits to come back and win the game. All it takes is a quick burst of offense to get any team back in the action.

FanDuel Indiana is hoping to play off of those wild swings with its latest promotion.

The sportsbook’s “NBA Finals Comeback Bonus” will give you an extra $10 in site credit if the team you bet on is losing at halftime, but comes back to win the game.

To qualify for the deal, you’ll have to opt-in and then place a moneyline wager of $25 or more on either team.

The promo is a solid option if you already had a moneyline bet in mind for the Finals. After all, if you were already going to wager, you might as well give yourself a shot at an extra $10 by using FanDuel.

BetMGM NBA Finals overtime insurance

Losing a close game can be agonizing for sports bettors. That’s especially true when your bet loses in overtime.

BetMGM’s new promotion is looking to ease that potential burden.

The sportsbook is offering overtime insurance for every game of this year’s NBA Finals.

If you bet on either team and they lose in overtime, then BetMGM will refund you with up to $20 in bonus bets. That’s a solid way to alleviate some of the risk involved with betting on the NBA Finals.

Of course, you’ll have to sign up for BetMGM to take advantage of this deal.

Once your account is set up, be sure to opt-in to the promo if you want to use the insurance.

William Hill NBA Finals game seven

The two greatest words in sports: game seven.

The NBA Finals might not get that far this year, but if it does, then William Hill Indiana has you covered.

The sportsbook’s new NBA promotion is leaning into that lucky number seven.

If you bet at least $50 on the point spread of an NBA game seven, then you’ll put yourself in the running for a free $100 bet.

To win your bet, you’ll be hoping that a player’s point total will end in seven. Any player on the team that you bet on can work for this promotion.

So, for example, let’s say that you take Phoenix’s point spread for this promotion.

If Chris Paul, Devin Booker, or any other player finishes the game with a point total that ends in seven, then you win. So you’d need a Suns player to end the game with seven points, 17 points, 27 points or any other number that ends in seven.

This is certainly a unique promotion that’s worth keeping an eye on.

If the NBA Finals ends up in a game seven, then this will be a great way to add some extra value to your wager if you’re betting on the win-or-go-home event.

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