This Weekend’s Notre Dame Game Is Canceled, What Happens To Your Bet?

Posted on September 24, 2020 - Last Updated on March 20, 2024

This weekend’s Notre Dame game is off the table thanks to positive coronavirus tests.

The Fighting Irish currently have 13 players in isolation, so all football activities are on hold for the team.

While the Notre Dame-Wake Forest game may be off for now, both teams settled on Dec. 12 as the makeup date.

If you’re a college football bettor, you might be wondering what’s going to happen to your bet on the game.

Thankfully, PlayIndiana has you covered. Here’s a quick breakdown of how these situations work.

Bets normally voided

In a nutshell, if you bet on the now-postponed Notre Dame game, your bet will be voided out.

That’s the case since so many factors could change between now and when the game gets played.

For example, maybe Ian Book tweaks his knee in practice and is unavailable for the makeup game. In that case, Notre Dame bettors would be at an unfair disadvantage if the bets from September were still active.

Canceling the existing bets helps avoid those unforeseeable problems.

After all, with your bet voided, you can always place your wager again closer to game day if you like.

When will I get my money back for my Notre Dame bet?

If you haven’t received a refund on your Notre Dame bets, don’t panic.

Indiana’s online betting apps all have slightly different versions of the same policy.

Some sportsbooks may have already paid out, but others might have you waiting for a few extra days.

BetAmerica, Caesars and PointsBet, for example, don’t typically void football bets until 24-hours after the game was supposed to take place.

On the other hand, sportsbooks like FanDuel, BetMGM and theScore Bet handle things slightly differently.

All three have identical policies, where football bets become void if the game doesn’t take place in the same scheduling week, or if the location of the game changes.

Since the game won’t be made up until December, it obviously won’t take place in the original scheduling week, and therefore will eventually be voided.

DraftKings and BetRivers don’t have to void bets until 55 minutes of game time have not been played on the day of the scheduled event. So if you haven’t received your refund yet from either sportsbook, hang tight until Saturday night.

In terms of speed, Unibet has the fastest-acting policy in Indiana for this type of situation.

As soon as a game is postponed, Unibet voids all bets for the game.

It’s as simple as that. If you don’t have your refund yet, you should contact customer service.

It’s important to keep in mind that all of these policies just cover when these sportsbooks have to void out your Notre Dame bet.

Some of them may choose to issue refunds before these policies start to kick in, so if you already have your money back, that’s why.

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