Pat McAfee Has To Dig Himself Out Of Betting Hole

Posted on November 23, 2020

Pat McAfee is starting to see his betting record slip because of his latest NFL picks.

He’s in the midst of a three-week losing streak. That’s quite the turn around from his hot start to the football calendar.

Pat’s Picks went 1-5 over the weekend.

PlayIndiana is tracking his betting picks all season, so we’ll have his updated record every week.

A bumpy week for McAfee’s NFL betting picks

McAfee usually makes three college football picks every Saturday.

He releases those picks on College GameDay, but the former Indianapolis Colt was absent from the program this week. That was the second time in three weeks that McAfee went without picking college games.

A few college picks might have helped, since his NFL selections didn’t go his way this time around.

McAfee’s NFL betting record is starting to move closer to even. Pat’s Picks are now 26-22 for the season.

New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons

Pat’s Pick: Saints -3.5

Pat’s Explanation:

“It just feels like Taysom Hill and Sean Payton are going to be celebrating, laughing in everyone’s faces on Sunday.”

Final Score: Saints 24, Falcons 9

Did Pat Win? Yes

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Washington Football Team

Pat’s Pick: Bengals +1.5

Pat’s Explanation: 

“I like them even with the injuries. I like Joe Burrow, I feel like they play teams close.”

Final Score: Washington Football Team 20, Bengals 9

Did Pat Win? No

Baltimore Ravens vs. Tennessee Titans

Pat’s Pick: Under 50.5

Final Score: Titans 30, Ravens 24

Did Pat Win? No

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Pat’s Pick: Chiefs -7.5

Final Score: Chiefs 35, Raiders 31

Did Pat Win? No

McAfee FanDuel Super Boost

FanDuel gives McAfee his own weekly betting promotion.

That promo always comes as a three-team teaser with boosted odds.

Cincinnati was the only team that didn’t hold up its part of the deal, but it wasn’t exactly a typical week for the team.

The Bengals might have covered if quarterback Joe Burrow hadn’t suffered a serious knee injury early on in the third quarter.

The Super Boost didn’t hit this time around, but there’s always next week.

Pat’s Pick: Bengals +8.5, Steelers -3.5, Chiefs -1.5

Pat’s Explanation: 

“Now I will say, two out of the last three Super Boosts that have lost have been because of the Steelers and the Chiefs. It feels like I’m going back to the well here. This could potentially be problematic, but I want to let you know we’re getting back hot and this one’s hitting.”

Did Pat Win? No, Bengals fail to cover.

Pat McAfee’s football betting record

McAfee’s betting record is slipping after three-straight losing weeks.

Pat’s Picks are a combined 40-35 between both college football and the NFL.

McAfee needs a rebound week, and a return to College GameDay could help make that happen.

His record could end up in losing territory if things don’t go well next week.

We won’t know until NFL Week 12 wraps up, so check in next week to see if McAfee managed to turn things around.

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