MLB Betting Odds

Baseball season is a great time for sports bettors, and you’ll find plenty of MLB odds at Indiana online sportsbooks from Opening Day until the last pitch of the World Series. Even during the off-season, you can bet MLB futures and more in Indiana.

Here’s a complete guide to betting on the MLB in Indiana, including the latest MLB odds at Indiana sportsbooks, and you can see the latest odds and MLB betting lines posted at sportsbooks plus further information about how to get started betting on the MLB in Indiana.

Live MLB betting odds at Indiana online sportsbooks

See below for the live MLB odds at IN online sportsbooks for today’s slate of baseball action. If you see odds you like, click directly on the odds to go to the online sportsbook and get started.

Don’t have an account yet with the sportsbook you need? The links below will help you create an account and take advantage of the sportsbook’s unique sign-up bonuses. The first tab features current MLB futures odds for the next World Series, AL & NL MVP, AL & NL Cy Young and more, while the second tab has MLB odds for the next slate of games.

Chicago Cubs betting odds

The Chicago Cubs are certainly one of the most popular franchises in-state thanks to Chicago’s proximity to Indiana. The team’s 2016 World Series win only pushed the team’s popularity even further.

The Cubs aren’t one of the best MLB teams this season, but fans in Indiana will still bet on Cubs games liberally. Check the best available odds for the next Cubs game below.

Cincinnati Reds betting odds

Indiana’s love for the Cincinnati Reds dates all the way back to the days of the Big Red Machine. A lot of Hoosiers live closer to Cincinnati than they do to the Chicago area, so the large following in the state makes sense.

Betting on the Reds is one of the more popular options in Indiana, so jump in if the team’s odds stand out to you. Below find the best available Reds odds for their next match-up.

Chicago White Sox betting odds

The Chicago White Sox have had success in the past although are experiencing a down stretch at present. Chicago’s south side team doesn’t quite have the Indiana following that their Wrigley Field counterpart does, but the White Sox still have plenty of fans in the Hoosier State.

Check out the latest White Sox game odds below and click through to reach the sportsbook, claim your sign-up bonus, and start placing wagers.

Important dates for the 2024 MLB season

  • March 28: MLB Opening Day
  • July 14-16: MLB Draft takes place.
  • July 15: Home Run Derby
  • July 16: 91st MLB All-Star Game at Globe Life Field in Arlington, TX
  • September 29: MLB regular season ends

Types of MLB baseball bets

It’s important to understand the different types of gambling options if you’re new to baseball betting. If you’ve bet on another sport before like basketball or football, then you’re in luck. The same basic types of bets work the same way for baseball as they do for other sports. Here are the most common baseball betting odds and wager types found at MLB sportsbooks:

MLB point spread betting

Betting on a game’s spread is betting on the margin of victory. In baseball, this is called the run line. Unlike other sports, the run line in baseball is almost always at 1.5. Here’s how the spread for a Reds game might look:

  • Reds: +1.5
  • White Sox: -1.5

The symbol in front of the numbers makes a big difference. The “-” indicates that the White Sox are the favorites for this game, while the “+” tells you that the Reds are the underdogs.

In this case, if you bet on Chicago’s spread, then you’re betting that the team will win by at least two runs. Conversely, if you take Cincinnati’s spread, then you’re betting on the Reds to lose by less than one and a half runs.

In other words, you’ll win your bet if the Reds lose by one run or if they end up winning the game.

MLB moneyline betting

Moneyline betting is probably the most straightforward way to gamble on baseball. You’re just betting on which team you think will win the game, regardless of the margin of victory. The moneylines for an MLB game could look something like this:

  • Cubs: +100
  • Reds: -200

The numbers tell you how much money you’d have to bet to win $100. Since the Reds are the favorites for this game, you’d have to wager $200 in order to win a $100 return on your bet, plus your original bet back. Since the Cubs are the underdogs, you’d only have to wager $100 to win $100 plus your bet back.

Of course, you can bet in lower amounts than hundreds. Indiana’s online sportsbooks will do the math for you, so just click on the game you want to bet on and type in how much you’d like to wager. The sportsbook’s odds calculator will tell you what your payout will be before you place your bet.

MLB totals betting

Totals betting is wagering on the total number of points scored throughout the game. Sportsbooks make a prediction for the combined amount of scoring between each team.

  • White Sox at Cubs: Over/Under 14.5

You can bet the over if you think the game will be more high-scoring than the sportsbook is expecting, or the under if you think it overestimated the number of runs that will be scored.

If you take the over and there ends up being 16 combined runs scored, then congrats! You’ve won your bet. However, if you take the under on this game and there are 16 runs scored, then you’d have lost your wager.

Other MLB baseball betting options

The above types of bets are the most common types of sports betting wagers. If you’re new to baseball betting, then then spreads, moneylines and totals are a great place to start.

However, this isn’t the full list of gambling options out there. Futures betting will let you wager on the long-term outcomes for a team.

Betting on props means wagering on more specific aspects of a game, such as how many strikeouts Hunter Greene will throw in a certain matchup.

There’s a huge list of betting options out there for every game, whether you’re looking for regular season or MLB playoff odds. So shop around a bit at Indiana’s online sportsbooks for the full list of options.