theScore Bet Sportsbook Launches In Indiana Just In Time For NFL Action

Posted on September 17, 2020

Indiana’s ninth online sportsbook is here.

After a few months of prep work, theScore Bet launched in Indiana on Sept. 17.

The sportsbook originally came online in New Jersey and just started taking bets in Colorado a few weeks ago.

Since theScore Bet only missed out one week of NFL action, its launch comes just in time to catch the majority of the NFL season.

theScore Bet’s unique approach

Since theScore already has a successful sports app, the company is in a unique position.

Its sports app is similar to the Bleacher Report app, ESPN app, and other competitors.

However, those other companies don’t have sportsbooks to pair along with their regular media apps.

That’s the difference maker for theScore Bet, and it’s what makes it a one-of-a-kind in Indiana’s market.

If you’re already using theScore sports app, your experience with the company’s sportsbook will hit the next level.

Just like the other sports apps out there, theScore will have you select your favorite teams from your favorite leagues.

Since the sports app and the sportsbook share data, when you switch over from the regular app to the sportsbook, theScore Bet can use your favorite teams and leagues to give you custom betting options based on what you like.

So, in a nutshell, the more you use theScore’s sports app, the more personalized theScore Bet can become for you.

The book can also learn from your previous bets, so if all you do is bet on the Colts, theScore Bet will move Colts betting options to the front so you can get to them easier.

Penn National and theScoreBet

Back in 2019, theScore inked a deal with Penn National Gaming to give its sportsbook market access.

Since Penn has casinos all around the country, the deal gave theScore Bet a foothold into 11 different states.

The sportsbook is now one of Ameristar East Chicago’s partners. Ameristar is one of Penn’s casinos, and it’s already the land-based partner of DraftKings.

After launching in Colorado and Indiana within just a few weeks, the company is expanding quickly.

With plenty of states left in its market access deal, theScore Bet will continue hopping into new states.

NBA and MLB  partnerships

Since its Indiana launch was so many months in the making, theScore Bet had plenty of time to prepare.

With professional sports back in full swing after a few months on hold, the company knew it would be launching during a busy time of the year.

In anticipation of that, theScore spent the summer locking down a new data partnership.

The company finalized a deal with MLB back in July. That deal made theScore an authorized gaming operator of Major League Baseball.

In a nutshell, it gave theScore access to official MLB data and allows the company to use the league’s logos on theScore Bet app.

The NBA signed a similar deal with theScore back in January.

Those data partnerships will help refine theScore Bet experience. With fresh information flowing directly from the leagues themselves, theScore will able to keep up-to-date throughout the year.

Some states require sportsbooks to use official league data before they can start taking bets.

That’s why data deals like this are important, they’ll help theScore Bet continue to expand.

But at least for now, the app won’t be launching in another state for some time.

With its roots planted in Indiana as the state’s ninth online betting app, Hoosiers now have more sports betting options than ever.

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