Be The GOAT Of The Super Bowl With These Indiana Betting Promos

Posted on February 2, 2021 - Last Updated on March 20, 2024

Indiana sportsbooks are ready for Super Bowl LV betting.

The Super Bowl is the biggest sports betting event of the year, so there are all sorts of special deals out there for the game.

There’s a lot to keep track of between the changing odds, new promotions and dozens of prop bets.

Thankfully, PlayIndiana has you covered. We’ve put together a complete guide to betting on the Super Bowl in Indiana.

Super Bowl LV odds

Time to hit the basics. Moneylines, spreads and point totals are the backbone of any sports betting experience.

All 10 of Indiana’s online betting apps are taking action on the big game.

Right now, sportsbooks basically see the game as a toss up. Kansas City is the slight favorite.

Here’s a look at the current Super Bowl odds from Indiana’s sportsbooks:

MoneylineSpreadPoint Total
DraftKingsKC -162, TB +143KC -3, TB +3O/U 56.5
FanDuelKC -174, TB +146KC -3, TB +3O/U 56.5
BetMGMKC -175, TB +150KC -3.5, TB +3.5O/U 56.5
William HillKC -165, TB +145KC -3, TB +3O/U 56.5
UnibetKC -167, TB +138KC -3, TB +3O/U 56.5
PointsBetKC -171, TB +145KC -3, TB +3O/U 56
BetRiversKC -162, TB +143KC -3, TB +3O/U 56.5
CaesarsKC -165, TB +145KC -3, TB +3O/U 56.5
theScore BetKC -170, TB +150KC -3.5, TB +3.5O/U 57
BetAmericaKC -175, TB +145KC -3, TB +3O/U 56

DraftKings Big Game No Brainer

DraftKings has a great promotion out there for new users.

The “Big Game No Brainer” deal will let you double your money if any team scores a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

First thing’s first, you’ll have to sign up for DraftKings.

Once you have an account, just deposit at least $5 and you’ll be good to go! DraftKings will give you a single-use odds boost for the game.

There’s a max wager of $50 for the promotion, but that’s still great way to turn $50 into $100.

Just remember to place your bet before kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday.

Daily Mystery Box DraftKings

DraftKings also has a unique deal on the board for the Super Bowl. Both new and existing users can get in on the fun with this one.

The “Big Game Mystery Box” basically acts as a revolving promotion that changes every day.

For example, on one day, the mystery box might give you a good deal for betting the over/under on the number of passing yards Patrick Mahomes will have. The next day, the promo could change to an odds boost for a certain player to score the first touchdown of the game.

Since the Mystery Box deal changes every day, it’s a bunch of smaller promotions all wrapped up into one.

Don’t like the Mystery Box deal today? No worries, just check back in tomorrow for something completely different.

There’s a new deal every day leading up to the Super Bowl, so check in with DraftKings to see what the latest option is.

FanDuel 55/1 odds boost

FanDuel has a new user promotion of its own out there for Super Bowl LV.

Much like the DraftKings deal, FanDuel’s “Bet $5 to Win $275” promotion is a great way to start new gamblers off on the right foot.

The deal works exactly how it sounds, it’s a Super Bowl odds boost that will turn your winning $5 bet into a $275 payout.

The promo is in-app only, so you’ll have to download the FanDuel mobile app to get in on the action. You can sign up for the deal from your computer, but it will direct you to download the app before you can actually claim the odds boost.

Once your account is all set up, just use the promotion to bet on either team to win the Super Bowl. If your team ends up winning, your bet will be paid out at 55-1 odds.

There’s a $5 max bet for the promotion, so it’s a great way to try and win some money without a lot of risk.

PointsBet Super Bowl odds boosts

PointsBet is pumping out a ton of odds boosts for the Super Bowl that anyone can use.

The sportsbook’s “Big Game Boosters” provide a handful of deals for NFL bettors.

Will Mahomes win back-to-back Super Bowl MVPs? PointsBet is boosting the betting odds from -110 to +110.

Will there be a trick play, or will Tom Brady finish the game with a rushing yard? These are just a few of the options at PointsBet.

If betting on these kinds Super Bowl props sounds like fun, then PointsBet is the best place to get your money’s worth.

The sportsbook is also offering “Twilight Boosters” for Super Bowl betting. This is a similar deal to DraftKings’ Mystery Box promotion.

PointsBet is giving out new Super Bowl odds boosts every day, but there’s a catch. Unlike the mystery box promos that are available all day long, you’ll have to catch the Twilight Boosters between 5-7 p.m..

That’s still a great deal for NFL gamblers in Indiana, but just be aware that it’s more of a nightly deal than a daily one.

Just head over to the “Promos” section of PointsBet’s website or app to see the full list of options.

GOAT Insurance from PointsBet

The “GOAT Insurance” promotion from PointsBet centers around the big game’s quarterback matchup.

The promotion will refund your Super Bowl bet if the team you pick loses by 43 points or less.

But why 43 points?

Well, Tom Brady’s biggest loss of his college and NFL career was 35 points. Patrick Mahomes’ largest NFL loss was only by eight points.

So the 43-point margin is basically just a fun way for the deal to honor the game’s quarterbacks.

The GOAT Insurance helps mitigate some of the risk in Super Bowl betting. PointsBet will refund you up to $50 in bonus bets with the promotion.

Unibet Touchdown Bonus

Unibet has a pair of Super Bowl promotions out there for Indiana gamblers as well.

The first one is a free $21 live bet on the Super Bowl.

That’s it! No strings attached or hoops to jump through. All you have to do to qualify for the deal is sign up for Unibet.

Live betting is a fun way to mix up the typical viewing experience, so be sure to claim your free $21 bet during the game.

Unibet’s other promotion is a “Big Game Touchdown Bonus.”

To qualify for the deal, you’ll have to bet at least $20 on who the first touchdown scorer of the game will be. Once you do, Unibet will give you $1 for every point that your player’s team scores during the game.

So for example, let’s say you bet on Mahomes to score the first touchdown of the game, and your bet wins. If the Chiefs score 30 points during the game, then you’ll receive an extra $30 on top the winnings from your original bet.

That’s a fantastic deal for gamblers if you already planned on betting on the first touchdown scorer of the game.

BetRivers bonus bets

BetRivers is giving out bonus bets for the big game.

If you bet $55 or more on Super Bowl LV, then BetRivers will give you an extra $55 in bonus bets! That’s a great way to earn some bonus betting money if you were already going to bet on the Super Bowl.

That $55 will be paid out in five $11 increments, once per week starting the Monday after the Super Bowl.

theScore Bet QB Showdown

Never used theScore Bet before? Now is a great time to give the sportsbook a shot.

The company is handing out $300 bonus bets to new users who place any bet on the Super Bowl.

It’s that simple. Place any bet, and you’ll receive $300 in free house money from theScore Bet.

Find the deal under the “Promos” section of theScore Bet’s app and click on the “Bet Now” option to get started.

The sportsbook’s other deal is its “Big Game QB Showdown” promotion. Both new and existing theScore Bet users can get in on the fun with this one.

If you bet $50 or more on the over/under touchdown total for either Brady or Mahomes, then you’ll receive an extra $7 for every touchdown that your quarterback scores. So if you bet on Brady and he scores four touchdowns, then you win an extra $28.

If you were looking for a fun way to bet on the Super Bowl quarterbacks, then theScore Bet could be a great place to potentially win some extra cash.

Super Bowl prop betting

Prop bets are one of the most popular ways to mix up the football betting action.

Thankfully, Indiana has more betting options available than most states.

Since the Super Bowl is such a huge event, there are special prop bets available that you can’t use for a typical NFL game. Some of the novelty props that you can bet on include:

  • Outcome of the coin toss
  • Player to call coin toss correctly
  • Team to win coin toss and game
  • Color of the Gatorade shower
  • Who will the Super Bowl MVP thank first?
  • Whether or not player X will retire after the game
  • Will there be a flea flicker?

Of course, all of the usual types of prop bets are also available for the Super Bowl.

There are a ton of betting options out there on everything from which player will record the most rushing yards to whether or not either quarterback will throw an interception.

New Super Bowl betting deals

This is the complete list of deals from every sportsbook in Indiana, but that might be changing soon.

Since the Super Bowl is the biggest betting event of the year, there will probably be more new promotions coming out during the week. New deals and prop betting options could trickle out leading up to the big game.

BetMGM and William Hill are two sportsbooks to keep an eye on. Neither has a Super Bowl promotion out at the moment, but both will probably have at least one deal out there before Super Bowl Sunday.

The best way to stay up-to-date is to check out your favorite sportsbook every once in a while for the full list of options.

Make sure to catch the game on CBS Feb. 7, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. EST.

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